Syncing Contacts and Calendar events with Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices


There are a few methods available for syncing Microsoft Outlook's contacts and calendar events for a mailbox:

  • MailEnable MAPI Connector for Microsoft Outlook (only available in MailEnable Enterprise and Enterprise Premium editions with the Windows version of Outlook).
  • MailEnable Synchronization Service via CalDAV/CardDAV (requires a third-party Microsoft Outlook plugin as Outlook does not support these protocols natively).  This requires MailEnable Professional or higher.
  • MailEnable ActiveSync (Only supported in Microsoft Outlook 2013 onwards). This requires MailEnable Professional or higher and the purchase of ActiveSync licenses.

If you need to synchronise with mobile devices as well your choices are more limited. Currently, not many devices support CalDAV and CardDAV natively. iOS devices do have this ability, but Android devices normally do not. So if you require mobile support, you would need to configure ActiveSync to get good coverage.


Method 1: MailEnable MAPI Connector for Outlook

The MailEnable MAPI Connector for Outlook is a plugin to Microsoft Outlook for Windows that connects to the MailEnable server via the MailEnable IMAP service and uses custom commands to provide connectivity to email, calendar, contacts and tasks, including sharing support. When used against the Enterprise version of MailEnable it allows up to 20 mailboxes to use the connector, whereas against the Enterprise Premium version any mailbox can use the connector.



Method 2: MailEnable Synchronization Service via CalDAV/CardDAV

Microsoft Outlook does not provide any native options to synchronise Contacts and Calendar events via CalDAV/CardDAV protocols. However, third-party plugins are available. One application that has been tested with MailEnable is the 'OpenProtocols Connector' ( CalDAV and CardDAV require the Professional or Enterprise versions of MailEnable.



Method 3: MailEnable ActiveSync

Microsoft implemented the ability to synchronise Outlook via third party EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) servers in Outlook versions 2013 onwards. Unlike the 'MailEnable MAPI Connector' and 'OpenProtocols Connector' it does not require any third-party plugins to be installed in Outlook. It does require additional licensing of the protocol though, and can be used with the Professional and Enterprise versions of MailEnable. ActiveSync is supported by the majority of mobile devices.

MailEnable ActiveSync Deployment guide:

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