How to migrate message data from a Gmail account into a MailEnable mailbox.


This article explains how to migrate Gmail message data from a Gmail account into a MailEnable mailbox via the MailEnable web mail "Import" option.


Version 9.x of the MailEnable web mail client provides the ability to import data from remote IMAP (message data), CalDAV (calendar data) and CardDAV (contacts data) servers. The "Import" is actioned by the "MailEnable Migration Service" and can be monitored in more detail via the "MailEnable Migration" utility. In this article, we will only use the IMAP import option when migrating from Gmail servers as Gmail does not provide CalDAV/CardDAV servers to migrate calendar or contact data.

Step 1

  • Login to your Gmail account and check if 2-Step verification is enabled. If enabled then you will need to create a specific "App Password" that will be used to authenticate from the Web mail import.
  • This article explains how to create a Gmail "App Password":

Step 2

  • Login to the MailEnable web mail client and navigate to the "Options" page and expand: Advanced.
  • Click on the "Import" node.
  • Within the "Import" section specify the Gmail account username (email address) and the "App Password" you specified in the step 1.
  • Tick the box for "Messages" only and then specify the Gmail server:
  • Set the port to: 993
  • Next tick the option for SSL and then hit the "Save" button.


The migration from the Gmail account can be monitored via the MailEnable migration utility. The utility is located within the "MailEnable" program group under the Windows Start menu > All Programs > Mail Enable > Migration. Open the migration utility and navigate to the "Monitor" tab. It will list all queued migrations. To check the activity for a queued item, click on the queued item and hit the "Activity" button to open the log file.

If the queued items progress never changes then ensure that the "MailEnable Migration Service" is running. You can check this within the MailEnable administration console under: Servers > Localhost > System > Service Status.

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