Thunderbird XMPP Chat Configuration


This article explains how to configure Thunderbird XMPP Chat clients to connect with MailEnable (Version 10 and later).


Please ensure the Thunderbird application is open and follow these instructions:

  1. File|New>Chat Account.. (or access the same via the "Show Accounts" toolbar button
  2. Select XMPP
  3. For the Username enter the name of the mailbox. eg: Andrew
  4. For the Domain, enter the users primary domain name (eg: and click "Next >"
  5. For the advanced options, optionally enter an alias that describes the client - eg: Thunderbird
  6. Expand XMPP Options and set the server as the host name of your XMPP server, example: Leave the port as 5222.
  7. For initial connectivity testing, change connection security to "Allow sending the password unencrypted" (you can change this later to a secure option like "Require encryption").


  • It is absolutely imperative that you enter the mailbox name rather than the fully qualified username (Step 3.) because Thunderbird concatenates them. So if you entered the username as an e-mail address (as an example), it would consider the user to be (which will fail to authenticate).
  • If you have already configured the XMPP server to require TLS then you should specify  the "Require encryption" setting (at Step 7.) since it will ensure your credentials and chat session is encrypted.
  • To simplify client connectivity, it is recommended that you enable the "allow email addresses for usernames" setting via the MailEnable Management Console under Servers|localhost|Auth Policies.

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Revised:Wednesday, November 15, 2017