Jitsi Desktop XMPP Chat Configuration


This article explains how to configure Jitsi XMPP Chat clients to connect with MailEnable (Version 10 and later).


This article explains how to configure Jitsi XMPP Chat clients to connect with MailEnable (Version 10 and later).

  1. Select the File | Add new account... menu item.
  2. In the Network dropdown, select XMPP.
  3. For the username enter the username and the corresponding user's password. Ensure that the username is the fully qualified email address (or mailbox@postoffice format). Example: user@example.com. If you have not configured an SRV record for the XMPP service and the domain name in the username does not resolve to the server running the XMPP service, you will need to select the Advanced button. Then you can click the Connection tab, select the Override server default options checkbox and enter the server name where the XMPP service is running.


  • If you have postoffices that are not valid domain names it can easier for users to configure accounts if you enable the "Allow email addresses for usernames" setting via the MailEnable Management Console under Servers|localhost|Auth Policies.


More information on Jitsi Desktop is available here: https://desktop.jitsi.org/


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