eM Client XMPP Chat Configuration


This article explains how to configure eM Client XMPP Chat to connect with MailEnable (Version 10 and later).


Please ensure the eM Client application is open and follow these instructions:

  1. Open Menu|Tools>Accounts
  2. Click the + button to Add a new account
  3. Select the Chat account type, and specify XMPP/Jabber. Click Next
  4. Select the "use existing Jabber account" option and click next.
  5. For the "Jabber Id", specify your MailEnable email address and your corresponding MailEnable password
  6. Uncheck "automatically detect the host and username".
  7. You should ensure that the "Server host" is the email domain name and that that the username is the fully qualified email address (or mailbox@postoffice format). Example: user@example.com
  8. Click Next to complete the installation


  • eM Client will automatically detect the mailbox portion of the "Jabber Id" as the username. This will work only if the user belongs to the MailEnable "default postoffice". You should ensure that you specify the fully qualified email address for the username so that emclient uses the email address as the username (at Step 7.).
  • To simplify client connectivity, it is recommended that you enable the "allow email addresses for usernames" setting via the MailEnable Management Console under Servers|localhost|Auth Policies.


Details for eM Client are available at: http://www.emclient.com/


Class:HOWTO: Product Instructions
Revised:Friday, November 17, 2017