Outlook EAS fails to respond to meeting requests moved to other folders


A meeting request (that has been moved to another folder before being accepted) does not appear in the server calendar.


This is an issue/bug with Outlook's Exchange ActiveSync implementation.

Outlook issues a MoveItems request and tells the server to move the item from the inbox to another folder.
Outlook then issues a MeetingResponse which has the meeting request origin as the inbox rather than the folder it was moved to.

The communication is outlined below in detail:

Outlook tells server to move item from the inbox to another folder (because of a rule or user action)

<SrcMsgId><![CDATA[ 38BC3CFE0AF64E5397B1318CCF8A8FBD.MAI]]></SrcMsgId>
<SrcFldId><![CDATA[ Inbox]]></SrcFldId>
<DstFldId><![CDATA[ {623FCDF25C0F442C94CC1498DDE3CF95}]]></DstFldId>

Some-time later, the user responds to the meeting request, and Outlook notifies the server.
Note: Unfortunately, Outlook indicates that the meeting request is still in the inbox (which it is not).

<CollectionId><![CDATA[ Inbox]]></CollectionId>
<UserResponse><![CDATA[ 1]]></UserResponse>
<RequestId><![CDATA[ 38BC3CFE0AF64E5397B1318CCF8A8FBD.MAI]]></RequestId>


This is a bug or limitation in Outlook. Please ensure that you are using a current version of Outlook as Microsoft may have released a patch or update that addresses the issue.

Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
Class:PRB: Product Problem or Issue
Revised:Sunday, November 19, 2017