Configuring MailEnable in Shared SMTP Namespace environment


You are able to configure MailEnable to run in a shared SMTP namespace with another mail server. MailEnable can either be the initial recipient of the domain and forward the emails to another server if they do not match a local mailbox, or you can receive emails from another server in the same namespace. In both methods the configuration is the same.


This is configured under the domain properties in the administration program. Under the General tab, select the "Act as Smart Host" checkbox and enter either the IP address of the other server or a URL which resolves to the IP address. When MailEnable receives an email for that domain, but the email address does not exist locally, then it will forward it to the other server. It is expected that the other server would be configured to forward unknown email to unknown address back to MailEnable.


You may need to migrate email data or move a mailbox out of the other server that is sharing the namespace. To do this you can use the migration utility which is installed with MailEnable. If you create a migration strategy to point to the other server, when users log into the MailEnable server it will attempt to migrate their email data across.



Class:HOWTO: Product Instructions
Revised:Thursday, April 4, 2019