MailEnable for Schools and Education

MailEnable provides the ideal mail server solution for schools and other educational institutions. The extensive array of features provided in the software fits perfectly with the needs of both students and teachers. MailEnable is quick and easy to set up and administer.

Low Cost Solution

MailEnable has the capacity to support many thousands of mailboxes, however, there is no per-user licensing.

MailEnable supports unlimited users and unlimited domains, allowing you to create a separate domain for each faculty, department or school.

With minimal hardware requirements, 12 months upgrade protection and 2 support tokens included with the product, MailEnable is an easy to implement, low cost solution for the education sector.

Simple Administration

Setting up new users is simple - with MailEnable you can import users from text files, or allow mailboxes to be automatically created when users authenticate against Active Directory or a Windows User Database. MailEnable includes a full API, making it easy to integrate it into existing systems.

Systems administrators can control quotas for mail accounts, allow different disk allocations for staff or students, send automatic notifications for users over quota, purge old/deleted messages from the system or even delegate Web Administration rights to other network administrators at a domain level. Remote access means the system administrator can manage the mail server from anywhere.
Professional Edition Webmail interface

Improved Email Access

MailEnable Webmail allows students and teachers the freedom to access their email at school as well as at home or elsewhere - all that is needed is an Internet connection and a browser. Webmail provides a readily accessible means of transferring work to and from school.

The simple, intuitive Webmail user interface is ideal for introducing students to basic email concepts. The look and layout of Webmail can be customised to look the way you want, using Webmail skins.

High Security

MailEnable can monitor and store all incoming and outgoing mail to allow audit and tracking of all email communications through the system via a plug-in utility. Global content filters can automatically remove emails with certain words and/or phrases to restrict the flow of unwanted or explicit email.

Authentication methods such as CRAM MD5, NTLM and advanced relay settings can control user access to your mail server. Accounts can be locked out after too many failed attempts to prevent an unauthorized user from gaining access to the system.

MailEnable uses several advanced anti-spam tools to reduce the amount of junk mail received. Integration of third party anti-virus scanning means that mail arriving and leaving the system is clean and virus free.

User level access measures ensure that end users, such as students or teachers, have restricted access to advanced features and settings.

MailEnable will also allow you to send mail through your local network without the need for an external SMTP server.

Enhanced Communication

MailEnable simplifies communication for schools. The software includes a bulk mail feature (i.e. mail all users in the system) that is useful to email out newsletters or other communications. You can target this more effectively by creating groups of users (e.g. all staff or all students). Discussion lists can be created around topics of interest or for particular groups, allowing users to subscribe to a list and converse via email.

Public folders can store relevant documents for users (e.g.: school policies, timetables etc.), and a global address list means that everyone on the system has access to up-to-date contact information.

Webmail includes a personal calendar can be used by teachers to book in appointments or meetings with other staff or students, and send automatic invitations by email. Both staff and students can use this calendar feature to record due dates for homework assignments or other meetings. You can also share calendars, mailboxes, tasks and contacts with other Webmail users and synchronize items with Microsoft Outlook.

Synchronizing Contacts/Tasks/Calendars with Mobile Devices (SyncML Support)

SyncML allows the synchronization of MailEnable calendar, tasks and contacts with mobile devices (phones, PDAs and Outlook). The SyncML server detects changes made to your contacts and prepares the updates for transmission to SyncML clients.

Likewise, changes made on your SyncML device are transacted to the server. MailEnable communicates with mobile devices via WBXML encapsulation, which reduces bandwidth and is supported by leading mobile handset providers.
Synchronization via SyncML
Synchronization via CalDAV

Accessing Server-Side Calendars from Mobile Devices (CalDAV Support)

CalDAV allows leading email clients and mobile devices (including the Apple iPhone), to access MailEnable mailbox calendars. CalDAV is ideal for mobile users who wish to access and update their calendar in real time.

To configure CalDAV, the client is configured with a URL to point to the server calendar. It is also possible to configure CalDAV to access another user's calendar by specifying their calendar address in the URL. MailEnable Synchronization Service is responsible for providing CalDAV connectivity to MailEnable mailboxes over the HTTP protocol.

Accessing Server-Side Contacts from Mobile Devices (CardDAV Support)

CardDAV allows mobile devices to remotely access and manage contacts stored on the MailEnable server. Changes made to the contacts stored on the mobile device are automatically sent to the server; and changes made on the server are received and updated on the mobile device.

CardDAV is ideal for mobile users who wish to access and update their contacts in real time via their mobile device. MailEnable Synchronization Service is responsible for providing CardDAV connectivity to MailEnable mailboxes over the HTTP protocol.
Synchronization via CardDAV

Education Related Features




Low hardware requirements      
Unlimited users/domains      
Active directory/Windows authentication      
Mail all users on the system      
Create email groups      
Quota management      
Anti-spam features      
12 months upgrade protection      
Support tokens (2 tokens, valid for 3 months)      
Simple, intuitive Webmail interface      
Custom Webmail skins      
Mobile/Device Sync via SyncML (with WBXML)      
Mobile/Device Sync via CalDav/iCalendar hosting      
Cloud Storage (WebDAV Support)      
Anti-virus support (3rd party)      
Global content filtering      
Advanced anti-spam features (SPF, Bayesian Filtering, URL Blacklisting, Greylisting, Whitelisting, etc)      
Bayesian filtering      
CRAM-MD5 authentication      
Remote administration      
Restrict message throughput per user or post office      
Automatic quota notifications      
Automatic message purge      
User customisable message filters in Webmail      
Global Address List in Webmail      
Public Folders      
Personal Webmail calendar      
Delegate web administration rights to post office administrators      
Share calendars, mailboxes, tasks and contacts      
Outlook Synchronization      
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Discounts are offered for educational institutions wishing to purchase MailEnable. Please contact for more information.