Migrate to MailEnable

MailEnable has established itself as a world-wide leader in rich messaging and collaboration.
People often find themselves stuck with an old or outdated messaging platform and the task of migrating seems overwhelming.

The simplest mechanism for migrating is via WebMail's Import/Migration feature, which allows migrate of Messages, Contacts and Appointments via IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV.

MailEnable's Migration Center application also provides a number of wizards that can be used to migrate from specific messaging platforms (like Exchange, Office365, IceWarp, IMail and IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV servers).

MailEnable also provides an extensive array of tools, utilities and resources that can significantly simplify the migration process.

There are a variety of different mail and configuration formats and each server (including MailEnable) has their own different implementation. There are also some synergies in how mail servers store their information, particularly in terms of the format used to store messages and folders. Where reasonably possible, utilities are provided to allow conversions to the format used by MailEnable (MDIR format).

Migrating User Accounts

Firstly, the configuration settings need to be migrated. This includes all the user mailbox details (including usernames and passwords). Most mail servers allow this information to be exported into a tab delimited file. Unfortunately, it will not always be possible to export the passwords associated with the mailboxes (as these are typically one way encrypted). Therefore, in most cases, it is not possible to migrate users without issuing them a new password.

Migrating Configuration Settings

This is often the most complicated and tedious part of the migration procedure as mail servers are likely to store this information in a variety of different locations. Often the information can be exported using the mail server's backup or system utilities. The alternative is to develop custom scripts that export the information from the mail server into MailEnable.

Migrating Message Store

There are two primary formats that mail servers can store their messages. These are MBOX format and MDIR format. MBOX format essentially involves storing all messages in a binary format whereby the messages are appended to a single file and removed from the file as needed. MDIR format involves storing messages in traditional folders in their RAW message (textual) form (see RFC 822). MailEnable stores its messages in MDIR format. SendMail (as an example) can use either MBOX or MDIR formats.

Need More Info?

Contact the MailEnable sales team for more information on migration. Or, get your hands on the latest version of MailEnable now, view the Online Demo or download a trial version to see it in action.