Support Policy

This document represents the current policy of MailEnable Pty. Ltd. with respect to the provision of support services associated with the products collectively known as "MailEnable".

Before engaging MailEnable Support Services, it is important that you understand and agree to any requirements stipulated under this policy.

Definition of Terms

"Installation" means the period between initially installing MailEnable on a computer (meeting the minimum hardware and software requirements of the product) until the point where the functionality as reasonably represented in the respective product manual is correct.

"Upgrades" means the act of applying a released product update to the MailEnable software as available from the MailEnable web site from time to time.

"Migration" means the process of moving from an alternate vendors mail server product to a product offered by MailEnable.

"Defect" means any undesirable facet of the MailEnable application that would require changes to the product documentation or to the functionality or behaviour of the product itself as documented in the respective product manual.

"Licensed" means to have submitted and paid the registration fee to MailEnable or to have an equivalent agreement with MailEnable.

"Technical Support" is limited to advice on configuration of MailEnable, reporting and correction of product defects, and troubleshooting of standard, non-customized installations.

Support Guidelines

MailEnable's Support Policy is intended to provide a framework around the provision of product support services. The policy itself is also governed by good will and reason, in as much as can be accommodated without significant compromise or abuse.

MailEnable will support installation of the products and any defect(s) associated with its products at no charge.

Standard Edition

Other than installation or defect resolution, MailEnable does not provide free support for MailEnable Standard Edition because the product cost is free and the potential extensive install base. MailEnable has no means of forecasting or managing the support associated with the MailEnable Standard Edition product because the install base is unknown to MailEnable. Furthermore, the provision of support for Standard Edition would almost certainly impact MailEnable's ability to provide support to those customers who have registered or have lodged a paid support request with MailEnable.

Professional Edition

Customers evaluating MailEnable Professional Edition can submit queries relating to the product for a period of up to 60 days from the installation of the product and such a period is hereby agreed to be a reasonable as an evaluation period.

Registered Professional Edition customers are entitled to raise two product related support requests free of charge (other than defect or product installation issues). These support requests can be redeemed as tokens. The tokens expire 3 months after purchase; after which support tokens must be purchased in order to receive technical support.

Additional support tokens can be purchased via Online Services ( at a cost of USD$80.00 per incident.

Enterprise Edition

Until otherwise stated, Enterprise Edition will inherit MailEnable Professional Edition's support policy.

Normal Office Hours

MailEnable's normal office hours are 9am to 5:00 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). See "Responsiveness" on our support page for our current local time.

Response Time

Response time depends on the class of ticket purchased or used at the time of lodgement. Class A tokens (high priority response) will be responded to within 2 hours of receipt. Class B tokens (this includes complimentary support tokens, bundled support tokens) will be responded to within one (1) business day of receipt.

MailEnable will respond to technical support enquiries by email or telephone. When submitting a support ticket via the support ticket system, an indication will be given as to how long it will be before a MailEnable support specialist can attend to your request.

Support Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time, excluding Australian public holidays. Only Class A support tokens will be attended to outside of these designated hours.

If you require support or assistance outside these times, you may consider contacting a MailEnable consultancy partner in your locale.

Support is available by lodging a support request on the MailEnable website at: A support ticket number will be provided when this form is completed.

Telephone support may be accessed by dialling +613 9568 4270. You will be required to quote your support ticket number.

Support Charges

Class A tokens are charged at US$180 (2 hour target response time).

Class B tokens are charged at US$80 (1 business day response time).

Support is restricted to a maximum of 1 hour per voucher for a standard support token. If there is any time remaining after the technical support issue has been resolved, this time is forfeited. Tokens cannot be reused. Additional technical support can be purchased at a cost of US$80 per incident or per hour.

MailEnable provides the following checklist to assist in determining whether or not a support request should incur a charge fee:
  1. For guidance a customer should ask themselves "Could this issue or defect have been reasonably resolved without contacting MailEnable". In general, if the answer to this question is yes, then it seems reasonable for MailEnable to charge for the time taken to accommodate the request.
  2. MailEnable must charge for support requests other than those that would require a change to the product documentation or to the functionality or behaviour of the product itself as documented in the respective product manual.

MailEnable does not provide free support for any issues resulting from environment or configuration factors (ie. factors beyond the control of MailEnable). This includes, but is not limited to, any unreliable or poorly configured network service, protocol or infrastructure.

MailEnable does not provide free support for issues resulting from a conflict in integration with software other than the Microsoft Windows Platform (and published updates to the core operating system thereof).

The following table outlines support request types and whether a support token is required in order for the request to be serviced:

Support Request Type





Requests with Evaluation Period N/A FREE FREE FREE
Sales, Reseller, Licensing etc FREE FREE FREE FREE
Migration Related Issues FREE FREE FREE FREE
Product Defect Reports FREE FREE FREE FREE
Technical Support Token Token Token Token

Support Ticket System

To effectively manage the volume and integrity of support tickets, MailEnable requires that ALL support tickets be submitted via the MailEnable web site (either under MailEnable's support section or from Online Services).

Support Token Refunds

MailEnable will refund the cost of Standard (Class B) support tokens if the core cause of the issue/request relates to a significant product defect. In such cases, MailEnable will leave the ticket open and work to provide a workaround or resolution as soon as possible. Emergency (Class A) support tokens are non-refundable, and are not able to be refunded. Any bank, exchange or other fees you are charged from your bank or credit card company are not able to be refunded.

Customer Requirements

To access the above mentioned technical support services, customers are required to:
  • Use the allocated support ticket number when enquiring about an issue
  • Have at least a basic understanding of the server operating system
  • Have at least a basic understanding of the concepts of internet email, including:
    • DNS
    • Internet RFC 2821 SMTP
    • Telnet, PING and NSLOOKUP
    • Email client configuration


MailEnable will not provide technical support services to end users of MailEnable customers. Technical support does not include consultancy services, third party applications, hardware, or MailEnable running in unsupported environments. Consultancy services include:
  • installation
  • planning
  • migration
  • upgrades
  • customization

These services are not included under the scope of this agreement. For more information about these consultancy services, please contact


Support tickets are automatically escalated through to the development team if the support issue involves a service stopping, or necessitating a product fix. Submitters may also initiate escalation procedures if dissatisfied with the ongoing resolution progress, accomplished by notifying the assigned support personnel. Additionally, a daily managerial review of all active support tickets is conducted to assess the necessity for further escalation.


Support tokens cannot be transferred or re-assigned. Support is only applicable to products licensed from MailEnable or an authorized MailEnable Reseller.

Additional Support Services Provided

The following services are available free of charge via the MailEnable website:
  • Online, searchable knowledge base
  • Online product help
  • Free hot-fix and minor version updates
  • User support forum
  • Detailed product manuals

Indemnification & Limited Liability

  1. In requesting support from MailEnable, you hereby reasonably indemnify MailEnable from any loss whatsoever resulting from activities that may be associated with MailEnable's support policy.
  2. In the event of any claim against MailEnable, the claim will be limited to a refund not exceeding the customers purchase price for the product or service

Confidentiality & Privacy

From time to time, MailEnable (or any of its agents) may be required to access customer equipment to diagnose or resolve issues. MailEnable's privacy and non disclosure policies protect the confidentiality of such material.

Modification of Policy

MailEnable reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions to this support policy without prior notice. The support policy displayed on MailEnable's web site supersedes any previous support policy.