RSS: MailEnable Provides Rich Microsoft Outlook Integration without Microsoft Exchange

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. introduces a new edition of their mail server product
that provides seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook through MAPI,
comparable to the Microsoft Exchange user experience. MailEnable's new
Premium Edition product stands alone in providing this experience under a
non-client-access-license structure. MailEnable has always had a policy
against charging per user or domain, and this new MAPI product follows that
trend.  For a hosted scenario, which could involve hundreds, even thousands,
of mailboxes, CAL based licensing has previously been a expensive stumbling

The MAPI solution gives users access to their mailbox on the mail server
from their desktop, much like the IMAP protocol, but with tighter
integration with other powerful features of Outlook, for access to the
server hosted calendar, contacts and tasks.  It also provides the domain
address list in Outlook, free/busy information for appointment scheduling,
public folders, sharing and collaboration, and more.

At a recent briefing, Andrew Sproul, MailEnable's Product Services Director
gave the following insight: "For a long time Outlook has been the benchmark
in office communication, collaboration and organisation, but until now, its
full potential has been held back by restrictive CAL licensing.  MailEnable
Premium Edition empowers small businesses and hosting providers like never

MailEnable Enterprise Premium is now available from the MailEnable website
and from authorised resellers. Fully functional 60-day trial versions are
also downloadable.

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