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Grow your revenue with Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable

Want to generate more revenue from your existing mail services?

By leveraging the Exchange ActiveSync services in MailEnable you can secure the confidence of your customers and grow your business.

Advantages for you include:

Revenue generating: Exchange ActiveSync is a premium mail service, which allows you to have a higher billing level.

Customer Retention: ActiveSync provides your customers with the same mobile experience as available with services like Microsoft Exchange. Without it, any users seeking an enhanced mobile messaging experience may look elsewhere.

End-User Satisfaction: Offering a premium level of service with EAS will increase your end user's satisfaction and retention.

Highest Level of Integration: MailEnable utilises Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, the industry standard, using push technology for automatic synchronisation.

Single Solution: EAS provides consolidated, cross platform synchronization, using the one client account setup. It avoids the need to configure calendaring, contacts and emails separately on devices.

Speed and Efficiency: Devices are synchronized in real time, no polling required and with minimal data usage.

Full Duplex Syncing: Updates made to server data are reflected on the mobile device in real time, so you can be sure that the information you are seeing is the most up to date.


Exchange ActiveSync is the premium solution for ensuring that mobile devices and the server share and access the same data.

It provides over-the-air two-way synchronization of folder hierarchies (inclusive of calendar, contacts, folders, tasks, messages, etc.). ActiveSync capability is available already in current releases of Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions.

A 30-day trial can be activated through the ActiveSync administration utility included with MailEnable, allowing your iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices to connect and experience Exchange ActiveSync.

Setup details can be found in the deployment guide at


More Information on Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for MailEnable is available from the MailEnable Web Site (

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