RSS: MailEnable Version 10.39 Release

MailEnable version 10.39 for Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions is available for download from the MailEnable Web Site.

The following change list outlines changes in version 10.39:


  • ADD: SMTP security option to make senders use a mapped email address as well as just postoffice one
  • ADD: Cipher suites and SSL extension information now passed to DLL plugins
  • FIX: Disabling/enabling the option for Allow EMail addresses for usernames in admin is visible at postoffice level but it is global
  • FIX: SMTP service bounce message was not including remote error if the error was on DATA and connection dropped
  • FIX: Ordering the filter actions in administration program could change which were disabled
  • FIX: CalDAV was not escaping CDATA within task descriptions, so could fail to sync task item with client
  • FIX: IMAP was not parsing headers correctly which could make a client see an empty message
  • FIX: If only a small number of clients configured with ActiveSync, one may not receive new message notification
  • FIX: ActiveSync ping may stop working, stopping client automatically seeing new messages
  • FIX: HTML tasks descriptions now supported by CalDAV
  • FIX: Webmail icons in message list may not work (10.38 problem)
  • FIX: Mobile webmail was not updating last login time
  • FIX: TLS 1.3 was not working on Windows Server 2022
  • FIX: Unblocking an abuse detection IP address in admin was not informing SMTP
  • FIX: Test button in the migration utility for IMAP migration was not working with TLS 1.2/1.3
  • FIX: Flags are not migrating with IMAP migration for subfolders if IMAP seperator is not a /
  • FIX: Priority and Campaign queues were not showing the retries and last error columns in admin
  • FIX: Destination column in queue views in admin removed for all queues which don't use it
  • FIX: Diagnostic output would show incorrect permissions for ODBC registry branch
  • FIX: On change of daylight savings message list in webmail would put received date out for emails before change that show time

A full list of changes is available from the download page.


An overview of Version 10 and its features and enhancements is available at


The installation kits are now available and can be downloaded from
If you already have version 10.x installed, you will not need to make any licensing changes or apply an updated license key.
The MailEnable installer provides a simple wizard to allow you to upgrade from earlier versions.
The upgrade process typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
Alternatively, if you are interested in having one of our engineers perform the upgrade for you, please e-mail


For those who under Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP), there is no additional cost to upgrade. If your AUP has expired, you should renew your upgrade protection under Online Services. If you are upgrading from a version without upgrade protection (version 3 and earlier), you can review pricing under Online Services.


For more information on pricing and details on how to upgrade, please see

If you have any questions in relation to MailEnable version 10, please contact

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