RSS: MailEnable Version 10.41 Release

MailEnable version 10.41 for Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions is available for download from the MailEnable Web Site.

The following change list outlines changes in version 10.41:


  • ADD: Updated MEActivityMonitor, which does IMAP now as well
  • ADD: View details menu item for items in queues in admin program
  • FIX: WebDAV would show incorrect filenames when connecting via Windows
  • FIX: MyFiles in webmail was not resizing when moving horizontal resizer vertically
  • FIX: Uploading file to MyFiles may clear index for the folder, requiring reindexing
  • FIX: DKIM signing can fail on NDRs depending on the error returned from remote server
  • FIX: Web mail crashes when sending up report as spam without a message to report
  • FIX: Webmail send button grey's out when composing and trying to send specific text in body
  • FIX: Could not publish MyFiles subfolder if it used extended characters
  • FIX: Uploading some files using WebDAV would show incorrect size in webmail
  • FIX: Webmail was not allowing moving of files under MyFiles to folders with extended characters
  • FIX: If a certificate was bound in IIS to all IPs for SSL, on first install it could change which certificate it used
  • FIX: Changing an instance of an all day recurring event to a non all day event in webmail would still show as all day
  • FIX: Shortcut to MEDiag will use 64bit version now on 64bit servers
  • FIX: All day exceptions to recurring event in different timezone may not indicate all day event when editing in webmail
  • FIX: Monthly recurrence for task in webmail not saving the x day of x value
  • FIX: Recurring appointment exceptions in webmail did not show an edited Notes section
  • FIX: Recurring event exceptions in webmail were not supporting extended character changes
  • FIX: Deleting a directory entry in admin program is not removing VCF file from VCF root
  • FIX: Syncing directory entries in admin program is not refreshing after sync
  • FIX: ActiveSync may not save timezone edit correctly in appointment from mobile Outlook
  • FIX: Deleting an instance of a recurring event in webmail was not updating ActiveSync clients immediately
  • FIX: Various ActiveSync recurring event exception problems resolved
  • FIX: IMAP service won't corrupt index on deletion if it loses the offsets of changes in index file
  • FIX: ActiveSync could cause exception if a monitoring folder was cancelled too quickly

A full list of changes is available from the download page.


An overview of Version 10 and its features and enhancements is available at


The installation kits are now available and can be downloaded from
If you already have version 10.x installed, you will not need to make any licensing changes or apply an updated license key.
The MailEnable installer provides a simple wizard to allow you to upgrade from earlier versions.
The upgrade process typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
Alternatively, if you are interested in having one of our engineers perform the upgrade for you, please e-mail


For those who under Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP), there is no additional cost to upgrade. If your AUP has expired, you should renew your upgrade protection under Online Services. If you are upgrading from a version without upgrade protection (version 3 and earlier), you can review pricing under Online Services.


For more information on pricing and details on how to upgrade, please see

If you have any questions in relation to MailEnable version 10, please contact

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