RSS: MailEnable Version 10.1 Release

We are pleased to share an update regarding the release of MailEnable Version 10.1


Version 10.1 is now available for download and provides new features and improvements (to the recently released Version 10).

The installation kits are now available and can be downloaded from


Version 10.1 provides the following additional functionality and changes:

  • ADD: WebMail can now compose and respond to SMS messages using user's ActiveSync device as an SMS gateway
  • ADD: Email sender's online status is now visible from within the preview pane
  • ADD: Email sender's contact photo is now shown within the message preview pane
  • ADD: A comma delimited list of chat groups can now be configured on a per-mailbox basis (via webadmin)
  • ADD: Clicking on a sender's online status will now navigate to a chat session
  • ADD: WebMail now uses intelligent phone number parsing based on E.164
  • IMP: Improved layout of e-mail preview pane
  • IMP: Webmail now validates existing contacts when attempting to add via preview pane
  • IMP: External User Guest URL can now be configured via MMC and Web Administration
  • FIX: Fixed message subject encoding bug folded inline mime boundary segments
  • FIX: Corrected minor dialog size issue with mailbox editing window in webadmin
  • FIX: Uploading an image when adding a new contact may present a javascript error (if the add image button is clicked before saving).
  • FIX: Contact Information PopUp window would not reliably resolve contacts (and would only render e-mail address and display name)
  • FIX: Chat Guest feature can now be enabled/disabled via MMC and Web Administration

Version 10 was released earlier November and enabled users to send files to each other, participate in video calls, group chat sessions, share desktops/screens and more. You can view an online demo of the webmail chat integration at:

More information is available at


The MailEnable installer provides a simple wizard to allow you to upgrade from earlier versions.
The upgrade process typically takes less than 2 minutes to complete.
Detailed instructions for upgrading are available here:

Alternatively, if you are interested in having one of our engineers perform the upgrade for you, please e-mail
If you have a recently purchased version 9 license and/or have current Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP), you can obtain the update at no additional cost.
For those running previous versions of MailEnable, you can check your current license and upgrade options through Online Services.


The upgrade can be purchased via your existing Online Services account at:
The username for online services is your e-mail address (ie: the address this message was sent to).
If you have forgotten your password for online services, please use the "forgot password" feature on the login form.


For those who under Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP), there is no additional cost to upgrade.
If your AUP has expired, you should renew your upgrade protection under Online Services.
If you are upgrading from a version without upgrade protection (version 3 and earlier), you can review pricing under Online Services.


For more information on pricing and details on how to upgrade, please see

If you have any questions in relation to MailEnable version 10, please contact

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