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This communication is to provide ongoing insight into recent and anticipated news regarding MailEnable Products.
Also, through this communication we will be providing information on new tools, skins and code examples.

Exchange ActiveSync
Exchange ActiveSync has been available now for over a month and the feedback we have received has been extraordinary.
The feedback in terms of the capability and feature set has been great.  It is clear that ActiveSync is simply the best solution for messaging, contacts, calendaring, etc on mobile devices.
But, despite providing guides and utilities to assist with the deployment, it became obvious that we needed to provide wizards to simplify the deployment process. As a result, Version 6.53 included an update to the ActiveSync Configuration Manager that automates the process.
If you have not yet experienced ActiveSync, it is available in current releases of Professional, Enterprise and Premium and provides a 30 day evaluation period.

Version 7 Pipeline
We are well underway on Version 7 of MailEnable. Version 7 will remove the dependency of IIS 6 ADSI in IIS7 environments and the Management Console has been redeveloped for MMC 3 (with some significant improvements in terms of speed and layout).
The new release will include a Migration Console and will allow mailboxes to be ported from other systems via a simple interface.
The webmail client will include a number of extensions, including the introduction of e-mail identities and improvements in collaboration and connectivity.
System Monitoring and Diagnostic Utilities will include updates to simplify server management.
We are also saving some big surprises for later in the year, and will continue to announce updates on new features at their development milestones. If you have any feedback or requests for Version 7, please raise or support them under the Suggestions section of the MailEnable forum.

Outlook Integration
MailEnable continues to outclass the competition with its Outlook integration.  We have also commenced work on providing Exchange Web Services; however there are very few clients that utilize EWS (basically only for the<a name="_GoBack"></a> Macintosh, with other clients being in development). EWS is unlikely to be provided in the release of Version 7.

Web Site Panel
MailEnable recently released some updates into Web Site Panel. Web Site Panel allows you to manage multiple servers, web sites, FTP accounts, databases and other resources from a single console/application.
More information is available at the Web Site Panel web site:

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