MailEnable - Standard Edition Revision History
This is not a complete list of changes.

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Release 4.22 - 6th February 2010

Fix: Webmail may not show all items when index file is corrupt
Add: Improved cross browser support for skin customization with webmail
Add: Next/Previous buttons when viewing an email
Add: Select All will select all messages, not just current view
Add: Print button added to webmail main toolbar to avoid having to open message before print
Fix: In webmail the Shrink-To-Print option in IE will not reduce email size when printing
Fix: MEInstaller was trying to set permissions on .Net files under Windows 2008 that would fail
Fix: MEInstaller was not adding IME_ADMIN to IIS_IUSRS group under Windows 2008
Fix: Webmail was not defaulting to HTML editor

Release 4.17 - 18th December 2009

Fix: Various speed improvements in administration program when dealing with mailbox options

Release 4.16 - 19th November 2009

Fix: Messages could cause high CPU when parsed by web mail
Fix: List service was not logging the message ID of the first block of emails which made it hard to trace
Fix: In webmail Inline images in HTML MIME sections may not be forwarded

Release 4.14 - 24th October 2009

Imp: Minor webmail user interface improvements

Release 4.13 - 19th October 2009

Fix: Webmail was producing warning under IE 6 if using SSL to access
Fix: Webmail may keep show the loading page on create new email

Release 4.1 - 7th October 2009

Imp: Minor webMail layout changes

Release 4.01 - 25th September 2009

Add: Administration program is faster listing mailboxes when quota is not being display
Fix: Max recipient per email for SMTP was using all recipients in the one connection for calculation unless RSET was used
Fix: Adding an email address in administration program allowed two @ symbols
Fix: Purging mailbox message through administration program assumed there was always an Inbox subdirectory, and stopped with error
Fix: The webmail options in administration program weren't reflecting the correct charset/timezone if the timezone was not set
Fix: Sending Messages in WebMail would leave a copy in the drafts folder
Fix: WebMail aligment issues

Release 4.0 - 9th September 2009

Add: HTML editor is used for signatures in webmail
Add: Two new skins for webmail, Clear and Gun Metal
Add: Can right click a contact in webmail to email them
Imp: Webmail uses cached folder list now to improve login speed
Imp: Various other internal improvements

Release 3.62 - 5th March 2009

Fix: SMTP Domain resolution could fail on 64bit Windows when logging

Release 3.61 - 27th February 2009

Add: Now includes a webmail client
Imp: MailEnable libraries now use VS2008 runtime libraries (providing much improved application security against hack attempts)
Fix: Authentication could stop a service with some default postoffices
Fix: Enabling Windows authentication after install may not work if software was locked down
Fix: SMTP service could duplicate inbound messages when large list emailed to
Fix: Importing users in admin program for a postoffice will indicate if trying to import for a domain which is not under that postoffice
Fix: Installing MailEnable into a long path could crash SMTP when an NDR is being generated
Fix: Configuration will revert to soft configuration if you reboot server while hardening process is executing.
Fix: Routed MTA messages were not retaining authenticated status
Fix: SMTP was giving incorrect error code on second EHLO. Changed to accept this.
Fix: Under load using encrypted passwords may prevent a login

Release 1.986 - 13th March 2008

Kits updated to include the ME-10040 hotfix. If you have applied this hotfix, there is no need to upgrade.
FIX: SMTP crashing -

Release 1.985 - 6th March 2008

FIX: SMTP could crash when resolving some domains
FIX: SMTP could crash with W3C logging enabled

Release 1.983 - 2nd July 2007

FIX: Admin program could generate "Out of stack space" error with lots of mailboxes
FIX: Installation and hardening server was assuming bad mail and config directories were in the default data location
FIX: Hardening server was not setting permissions on log directories if they were changed from default install
FIX: Access control list was allowing 127.* when needed to be 127.*.*.*
FIX: SMTP was timing out on some antispam gateways which trickled data to MailEnable on connection
FIX: VRFY not returning anything for group expansion
FIX: MailEnable was not responding correctly to 421 response code when sending messages
FIX: ORDB removed from blacklist providers
FIX: POP service could crash with TOP command under load

Release 1.981 - 18th Dec 2006

Fixed: Security vulnerability with MailEnable POP Service (hotfix ME-10026).
Fixed: The services have been updated to include additional checking/prevention against exploitation through any unforseen buffer overflow vulnerabilities.

Release 1.98 - 15th Dec 2006

Fixed: Version Correction. Web site published 1.98, but the actual version was 1.97

Release 1.97 - 11th Oct 2006

Fixed: Incorrectly formatted command file in list connnector outgoing queue could crash service
Added: Send quota notification to mailbox only option for postoffice connector
Fixed: Quota notification for sender only was notifying mailbox
Fixed: Quota notification for sender only was not notifying sender
Fixed: Bouncing message back to sender when over quota in postoffice connector settings changed to "Notification only"
Fixed: Network error when sending email contents in SMTP was bouncing instead of retrying
Fixed: Quotes around delivery/pickup event items were not recognised

Release 1.96 - 7th Jun 2006

Fixed: Certain subjects in emails could cause MTA to send email to Bad Mail folder
Fixed: DNS blacklisting could check unselected blacklists
Fixed: Changing POP service IP addresses it was binding to was not indicating a restart of the service was needed
Fixed: Not all exceptions in plugin DLLs executed by MTA were being logged
Fixed: Sorting mailboxes by quota in admin program was not correct if some mailboxes were set to unlimited
Fixed: Improved some bounce handling for SMTP outbound messages
Fixed: List server could skip an address when reaching the maximum number of recipients per message
Fixed: If sending to a group that has a disabled mailbox as a member, the bounce would include all recipients

Release 1.95 - 23rd Mar 2006

Fixed: Using an Access Control list for POP service could block incorrect IP addresses

Release 1.94 - 22nd Mar 2006

Fixed: Possible authentication exploits with POP service

Release 1.93 - 20th Mar 2006

Changed: For email addresses in a disabled domain, a temp error was being returned by SMTP, now it is a permanent error
Changed: Administration program will force valid domain for SMTP local (mail) domain setting
Fixed: Diagnostic output was showing Require PTR record was enabled when it wasn't
Fixed: Inboxes were being marked as dirty with POP service even if no changes were made
Fixed: If you add a group member using simple method in admin program, then add using advanced in another group, the first email address could be added as well
Fixed: Editing POP log paths directly in admin was not enabling the Apply button
Fixed: Activity Monitor may not show logs if Debug and Activity logs for a service weren't in the same path
Fixed: Possible authentication exploits with POP service

Release 1.92 - 1st February 2006

Changed: Delivery delay and failure messages changed to make them easier to understand
Fixed: Sending to unmoderated password protected lists was not working
Fixed: Mask matching for access control and relaying may allow invalid relays/connections
Fixed: Diagnostic Utility was indicating that the installation was under evaluation
Fixed: Require PTR record option for SMTP may reject a sender if there was a DNS failure
Fixed: NDRs weren't being sent as null sender
Fixed: SMTP service could use up handles
Fixed: SMTP could bounce delayed messages
Fixed: Diagnostics Utility could crash halfway through with certain permission settings on registry keys it checks
Fixed: If an MX record was not a valid domain (even if the recipient domain was) the SMTP was retrying instead of failing
Fixed: SMTP option requiring inbound connections to have valid domain was not working correctly
Fixed: Requiring inbound connections to have valid domain would put lines in SMTP Debug log which could be confused for outbound sending
Fixed: SMTP Catchalls were not populating the Account property in the command files

Release 1.91 - 18th November 2005

Changed: Autoresponder will now use the mailbox display name instead of "Auto Response" if available
Changed: More information in the diagnostic utility output
Fixed: Backup utility was assuming configuration info was stored in same path as email data
Fixed: SMTP could waste time doing a DNS lookup on IP address
Fixed: SMTP could crash on outbound sending to some domains
Fixed: DEFAULT.MAI file for new mailboxes now has date set to be current date/time
Fixed: POP service was not logging the TOP command
Fixed: Empty sender in SMTP outbound queue could cause SMTP to crash if recipient format was also incorrect
Fixed: Removing postoffice through API was not removing the directories on disk
Fixed: Installation and setting file permissions speed improved
Fixed: List confirmations would not work if the client wrapped the subject line
Fixed: EXPN SMTP command was not working
Fixed: Blank usernames in POP service could match just based on password
Fixed: Some delay messages for SMTP service were ignoring the initial delay before being sent
Fixed: Delay messages were giving incorrect time that a message would be retried for
Fixed: Return-path header was not being added to emails
Fixed: Return-path header was being added to list messages
Fixed: List messages are marked with precedence list (was bulk, except for notifications which were list)
Fixed: Moderated password protected lists were rejecting emails with no passwords instead of sending to moderator

Release 1.9 - 8th July 2005

Added: Can copy the random password for a mailbox to clipboard
Added: Can import mailboxes from a text file
Added: Can set quotas for a postoffice all at once
Added: When adding group members you can select from existing mailboxes
Added: List and group imports will recognise MailEnables internal SMTP format
Added: Removed limit of maximum of 300 recipients per inbound SMTP email
Added: "Restart all services" menu item added
Added: Can block email addresses at the SMTP service
Added: List server will add headers and footers for HTML emails
Added: Additional Command Flag to command file to denote messages originating from an authenticated source
Added: Additional logging to better allow reporting applications (MEStats) to detect the postoffice owning W3C logged activity
Added: Host name option to SMTP properties
Added: Can set the friendly name for a mailbox through the administration program
Added: Lists the friendly name in the mailbox list
Added: List server will now do list confirmations
Added: Improved logging to help track pickup event message processing
Added: Can set delay notifications for SMTP to occur after a specified time
Added: Delay notifications will indicate how long the item will be retried for
Added: Improved logging to help track pickup event message processing
Added: Can delete multiple list server logs at once
Added: Option to log various service Debug information into Activity log for readability
Added: For SMTP outbound you can specify the maximum number of recipients for a domain in the admin program
Added: Quota enumeration mode to postoffice connector options to allow either just the inbox or all folders to count towards quota
Added: Can disable posting denied notifications for the list server
Added: Default POSTOFFICE.SYS and MAILBOX.SYS are used by administration program when creating a new postoffice/mailbox
Changed: NDRs which cannot be delivered are now deleted by default instead of being moved to bad mail
Changed: Won't ban any bound IP addresses with SMTP failures
Changed: Domain properties gives better indication of selecting postmaster
Changed: Removed SYSADMIN from mailbox properties as it is only used in Enterprise version
Changed: DLL handling so COM DLLs will check bin path for DLLs (to help prevent reboot on installing to new path or the first time)
Changed: SMTP administration options and others divided up to be easier
Changed: Refused connections are given permanent SMTP error failure code instead of temporary
Changed: Will not include temp files in users mailboxes in quote calculation
Fixed: Improved the autoresponder checking to make sure whether it should respond
Fixed: Deleting email for a mailbox not yet created would delete the postoffice email
Fixed: SMTP service could crash if MX lookup returned more than 100 records
Fixed: SMTP was delaying some messages which should bounce
Fixed: Disabling all catchalls in SMTP service required a service restart, but wasn't indicating this
Fixed: Changing the POP before SMTP time required a service restart, but wasn't indicating this
Fixed: Command file was showing destination mailboxes multiple times for catchalls
Fixed: Renaming a domain was not checking to see whether domains exists
Fixed: When creating a mailbox and before closing the dialog the first time, it can produce error messages when trying to refresh the mailbox list
Fixed: Importing list and group members validates each email and will warn if errors
Fixed: Wasn't removing Osirusoft from the list of available reverse DNS blacklists
Fixed: Renaming a list in admin program to an existing one was still trying to do it
Fixed: Can't add a list in admin program to a postoffice if there is no domains configured
Fixed: Renaming a group in admin program to an existing one wasn't stopping you
Fixed: Prevented users from adding wildcards for SMTP blocked addresses (since wildcards cannot be used)
Fixed: Removing some wildcarded address maps would fail
Fixed: Possible SMTP crash when logging checking for valid domain on inbound for domains with over 100 MX entries
Fixed: Stopping checks for RDNS and stopping auto-bans on local IPs was only working with
Fixed: Checking for PTR on inbound SMTP was only being done if RDNS was enabled
Fixed: Some services were taking an extra second to stop
Fixed: Debug Logging for MTA service possibly could cause issues under heavy load
Fixed: Admin was not indicating the SMTP service needed restarting if the number of recipients allowed changed
Fixed: Trying to view items in queues which where already processed was generating incorrect error message
Fixed: Changing the MTA thread count was not prompting for a restart of the service
Fixed: When group splits were occurring in postoffice connector, a group member was being skipped
Fixed: Editing lists through administration program could reset some of the previously changed settings
Fixed: SMTP could crash on some malformed command files (remailing could do this)
Fixed: SMTP Security option page in admin program was not prompting for service restart on some actions
Fixed: Posting to lists without any subject header was not posting to lists
Fixed: POP before SMTP authentication could fail is SMTP send was attempted too soon after every POP logon
Fixed: Importing text file to create mailboxes was not validating each email
Fixed: Relaying for domains where authentication was required was not working
Fixed: Deleting messages through admin program was not removing DIRSIZE.TMP file so deleting to get under quota was not immediately working
Fixed: Editing a mailbox in admin program was clearing the authentication description
Fixed: Not all log views were being sorted in admin program
Fixed: SMTP options will check to make sure that the bad mail sender address is local
Fixed: Delivering to disabled or missing mailbox, then the email was going to overflow mailbox instead of bouncing
Fixed: Timeout registry settings for MTA pickup event set in install (pickup events were not being terminated if they ran too long)
Fixed: Importing mailboxes from a text file will trim extra spaces around passwords and mailbox names
Fixed: .SAV backups of config files were not using the backup rollover frequency registry setting to keep .SAVs under 7 days old
Fixed: On install, the message store path could not be changed
Fixed: Changing postoffice connector logging options was not indicating a restart of the service was needed
Fixed: Large amount of recipients in outgoing command message for SMTP might not be processed
Fixed: Autoresponders could reply to automated list messages (system generated list messages are marked as precedence list)
Fixed: Checking for valid PTR for inbound connections in SMTP could reject connections when DNS failures/timeouts were occurring
Fixed: Reverse DNS blacklisting was checking the first blacklist twice if it was enabled
Fixed: Log analyser utility was not reading logs if service log path changed after installation
Fixed: SMTP service could crash on some inbound authentication attempts
Fixed: Username which could not be decoded correctly in SMTP authentication was still being logged
Fixed: POP before SMTP could purge items from Connections directory too early
Fixed: Possible race condition issues with lock files when using Tab Delimited configuration

Release 1.8 - 6th August 2004

Added: POP before SMTP authentication
Added: Can forward messages from the inbox of a mailbox in the administration program
Added: Option to remail redirections instead of relaying (needed for sending to servers using SPF)
Added: Users can set their default from address in webmail
Added: Can enforce inbound message size, instead of relying on client
Added: Can disable catchalls globally through the SMTP security options
Added: Warning in admin if users set the option Allow relay for local senders
Added: Admin program will automatically set the reply to address for new mailboxes
Added: When renaming a domain you can also update all email mappings which used the old domain
Added: Option to force that users be authenticted in order to send to smarthosted domains
Added: Queue overview utility to the system tools
Added: Can use HTML emails and attachments when sending to users via admin program
Changed: Admin program asks if you want to refresh the Diagnostic output whenever you view the result
Changed: Quotas work on the full user directory, not just inbox
Changed: Removed module dates from diagnostic output
Changed: VRFY can work against the address map instead of directory (makes it usable for Standard and Pro users)
Changed: Disabling mailbox settings act as expected (e.g. disabling mailbox login description is different)
Changed: Removed the .BAK files for the tab delimited providers with the .SAV file
Changed: POP service orders returned email list by default now
Changed: Allowing relay for authenticated senders now requires a restart of the SMTP service
Changed: SMTP Access control lookup is much faster (provider DLL accepts wildcards)
Changed: MTA is a lot faster when running in one thread
Changed: Case sensitivity on passwords enforced
Fixed: Fix header option was not being saved in admin
Fixed: SMTP service was not allowing 0 for SIZE EHLO response
Fixed: Large values for max message size in SMTP admin options does not produce error
Fixed: SMTP was not retrying message when received temporary failure after successfully sending message
Fixed: SMTP service will check that there is a recipient in command file before bothering to send
Fixed: SMTP service was not accepting some emails which had large lines without carriage-return/linefeed
Fixed: Postoffice connector was checking each email to determine whether it was bulk when it wasn't needed
Fixed: SMTP connector adds Precendence header to incoming emails which are null senders
Fixed: MTA was updating command message twice when it wasn't needed
Fixed: SMTP inbound was doing checks on null sender emails which it didn't need to do
Fixed: Postoffice connector and list server administrator was not viewing queue items correctly
Fixed: Administration program was not showing items in the list server queues
Fixed: Possibly crashing for services on corrupted command files
Fixed: SMTP could crash when sending notifications for corrupted domain names
Fixed: Disabling postoffices now disables all access for any of the mailboxes
Fixed: Changing bad mail/config/connector paths in admin program properly indicates all services needs a restart
Fixed: SMTP was sending delay notifications twice when first retry only option was set
Fixed: Enabling integrated authentication via admin was saving setting, but not showing the current setting
Fixed: SMTP reads outbound queue directory to match other service methods (resolves issue when changing data path)
Fixed: Messages exceeding outbound limit were being sent to badmail without notifying sender
Fixed: A temporary error on initial connect was bouncing instead of being retried
Fixed: Administration program was having issues with large mailbox sizes
Fixed: Failed recipients in SMTP service were cleared in some circumstances (i.e. the message would not be retried)
Fixed: Disabling postoffice will stop users from using all services
Fixed: Limiting outbound SMTP size was not informing user that service needed restart
Fixed: Administration program will stop you adding a list if it can't create the default external email address
Fixed: Improved DNS resolution when checking whether sender domain is valid
Fixed: Renaming a domain is refreshing the domain list automatically now
Fixed: Possible provider issues when no disk space
Fixed: Possible SMTP crash when trying to generate failure report for some domains
Fixed: Upgrading from 1.18 was resetting the subsequent retry interval for SMTP
Fixed: The providers were outputting a error string when a block file could not be removed which could affect 3rd party developers
Fixed: Possible issues when adding domains under load
Fixed: Providers were having issues under heavy load
Fixed: Users could enter 0 for SMTP poll interval
Fixed: POP service could crash one some incorrect parameters
Fixed: SMTP service could crash if domain literals was enabled on server with large amount of IP addresses
Fixed: Services will not stop binding to IPs on startup if it fails on one IP address
Fixed: POP logging was not getting the file sizes correct
Fixed: Sending emails from admin program was not sending immediately

Release 1.72 - 29th April 2004

Added: Delivery events for mailboxes
Added: SMTP outbound queue in administration program shows retry count and reason for last failure
Added: CAPA command for POP service
Added: MTA can do address map casting
Added: Can set the delay notification to never, once only, every time through the admin program
Added: Can set the maximum outbound message size in the admin program
Added: In the postoffice connector admin configuration you can specify who gets quota notifications
Added: Can use a wildcard in the reverse DNS whitelisting
Added: ClientIP address added to command files
Added: Can set the thread count for MTA in admin program
Added: Option to fix headers (add Message-ID/Date if missing) for authenticated senders is in SMTP options
Added: POP service can now listen on alternate port
Added: Can set the first, second, third, subsequent retry delay for SMTP
Added: Option to SMTP to force authenticated users to use an email address they own
Added: Install and reinstall will not now not generally force a reboot of server
Changed: Removed message retry count in SMTP options as it isn't needed
Changed: Must have a postmaster address for a domain when configuring from administration program
Changed: SMTP will not save incomplete messages by default
Changed: For password protected list, the password can appear anywhere in subject, and the full subject is retained
Changed: Postoffice connector is a lot faster delivering emails to large mailboxes that have no quota
Fixed: List server was skipping footer if no header
Fixed: Admin will warn when you reach the limit of redirections for mailbox
Fixed: SMTP is more strict on email addresses being passed to it
Fixed: Postoffice TAB provider could write out long redirection address list, but could not read it
Fixed: Postoffice TAB provider could write out long group address list, but could not read it
Fixed: Messages put in SMTP outbound queue directly will be checked to see if they are to a local domain
Fixed: Diag shows queue errors now, and improvements to warnings
Fixed: Admin will only count MAI files in inbox
Fixed: Message list for mailbox in admin displays the most recent messages sorted
Fixed: SMTP logs outbound smarthost authentication attempts
Fixed: POP service does not lock log files if they are not in use
Fixed: MTA would only process one filter DLL
Fixed: Can specify the external email addresses for a group
Fixed: MTA/Postoffice connector speed improvements
Fixed: Groups must have an external address for admin program
Fixed: Possible truncation of lines if they were very long
Fixed: Domain addition in admin was saying you need a postoffice, but still continued
Fixed: Some subject lines could cause list server to crash
Fixed: Editing list options for a new list before closing dialog wasn't saving the options
Fixed: Postoffice connector could crash on some corrupted recipient addresses
Fixed: List server was not detecting all boundaries, so would not add header or footer to some emails
Fixed: Domain literals were not being accepted for some relay configurations
Fixed: SMTP could crash for some malformed and long recipient addresses
Fixed: MEInstaller sets more permissions explicitly to avoid access errors
Fixed: Message-ID header was not being added to all notification messages
Fixed: Fixing message headers for authenticated senders available (Message-ID/Date)
Fixed: Whitelist for reverse DNS blacklists was not working
Fixed: MTA will bad mail messages now if they have no content
Fixed: Deleting messages in mailbox properties in admin was not refreshing size/bar graph
Fixed: Admin program will show whether a service is disabled, instead of just stopped
Fixed: MEInstaller will restore the required session state which the MS Lockdown tool may remove
Fixed: Setting 0 for unlimited message size was producing error message in admin
Fixed: Cannot enter 0 for max deliver time in MTA admin now as this will cause problems
Fixed: SMTP return and send code discrepencies addressed
Fixed: SMTP inbound service was timing out on inbound messages which had null characters in the last line
Fixed: Groups were only sending to the first 300 members
Fixed: SMTP domain splitting for emails could incorrectly send to same server
Fixed: MEInstaller was resetting permissions and taking long time to install on big installations
Fixed: List of messages for mailbox in admin was only showing 1 message when over 200 items in inbox
Fixed: Disabling SMTP commands is working
Fixed: SMTP wasn't retrying for some return codes
Fixed: Can use . as alternate character in POP usernames

Release 1.71 - 2nd October 2003

Added: Can add specific IP addresses for domain literals
Fixed: Admin properly tells you the error when it cannot retrieve user list for a domain for User Import
Fixed: When refreshing a list in the admin, it wasn't refreshing properly
Fixed: List server TD provider could leave a block file behind
Fixed: POP service sorts messages by default
Fixed: Shortcut link to administrator wasn't correct
Fixed: Improved logging messages
Fixed: List server could corrupt MIME boundaries when adding annotations
Fixed: List server TD provider could leave a block file behind

Release 1.704 - 13th August 2003

Added: MTA filter DLLs can now delete messages
Added: Unsubscribing from a list when not a member generates an email indicating the error
Added: List help can now be enabled/disabled from administration program
Added: MEInstaller now has visual interface if run without command line
Added: When you create domain you will be prompted if you want to add a corresponding email for each existing postoffice
Added: You can set the subject on the autoresponder messages
Added: Domain smarthosting can have a higher priority than the SMTP smarthosting
Added: Can accept domain literals
Changed: Account privileges for IME_USER and IME_ADMIN now done in MEInstaller
Changed: Installer prompts to close MMC administration if open
Changed: By default, messages that make a mailbox over their limit are bounced, instead of going to postmaster
Changed: SMTP outbound send speed improved
Fixed: POP service would not properly process all denied IP addresses
Fixed: Dropping connection on reverse DNS ban is now logged in Debug log
Fixed: Improved logging for SMTP
Fixed: POP admin DLLs weren't allowing access/deny IPs to be added
Fixed: List server could duplicate a MIME boundary line
Fixed: Authentication DLL wasn't creating address map entries and could cause service to crash when autogenerating mailboxes for a Windows user
Fixed: Alternate port wasn't working if bind to individual IP addresses
Fixed: ListMember removal function wasn't returning correct result code
Fixed: Changed the shortcut to the administration program for better compatibility
Fixed: Some mail to replies errors in SMTP outbound weren't being retried, but bouncing
Fixed: List server could add prefix to subject line multiple times
Fixed: POP service speed on TOP command was slow
Fixed: Was not doing RBL lookups if relay was disabled on server
Fixed: Admin won't allow the creation of a post office called SYSTEM
Fixed: Disabling logging was still throttling performance
Fixed: Added InteractiveLogonRight for IME_ADMIN
Fixed: Postoffices adding via the API were not always being deleted using the administration program
Fixed: Dorkslayers removed from install, since it is no longer available
Fixed: Some functions in the MEAOSM.Blacklist, MEAOSM.Access, MEAOPS.Access classes (for the administration objects) were not returning correctly terminated strings
Fixed: Deleting a domain in the administration program was not removing the blacklist entries
Fixed: Possible looping issue with overflowed mailbox notifications fixed
Fixed: List server help was saying only [ instead of [: was needed for password protected lists

Release 1.703 - 2nd May 2003

Added: Can check for program updates from the administration program
Fixed: SMTP wasn't recognising unknown user on the from address (not the rcpt)
Fixed: POP service could try to retrieve a non-existant message
Fixed: Annotations may not be added to unmoderated lists
Fixed: The list server would not strip the password if if you had a moderated list and the moderator sent out the message with a password in it
Fixed: Moderated Lists would not consider posting options, eg: Only Subscribers may post, etc.
Fixed: Diag wasn't recognising the MailEnable PATH in the env if shortpathname in registry, but long one in PATH
Fixed: Slight display issue in Diag output
Fixed: Changing MailEnable paths in Admin program improved

Release 1.702 - 22nd April 2003

Added: Support for SMTP authentication when smarthosting MailEnable out
Fixed: Was having problems connecting to some servers because of the welcome message
Fixed: Some of the provider calls were returning failure, but were successful

Release 1.701 - 17th April 2003

Fixed: Some list server issues
Fixed: Was resetting log paths on upgrade