Upgrade via Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP)

All MailEnable mail server products since version 4 come with a 12 months complimentary Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP) period. Users can upgrade their registered products to any new versions released during their AUP coverage period, at no additional cost.

When the complimentary AUP period expires, users have the option to renew and extend their AUP coverage for an additional 12 months. See below for AUP renewal pricing.

Professional Renewal

Enterprise Renewal

Enterprise Premium Renewal

AUP Renewal $145 USD $270 USD $370 USD

A renewal notice will be sent to the user's registered email address, one month before the AUP period expires.

To find out how much AUP coverage period you have on your registered MailEnable products, please log on to Online Services. If you are eligible for a free upgrade, it will be made available under your account.

Regular Upgrade Pricing

Upgrades between product versions, or for products not under upgrade protection, can be purchased under users' Online Services account. Users can upgrade their registered products to the latest MailEnable version at anytime for the prices listed below:

Your Version

To Professional v10

To Enterprise v10

To Premium v10

Professional v9 and earlier $295 USD or AUP $620 USD $999 USD
Professional v10 - $350 USD $749 USD
Enterprise v9 and earlier - $595 USD or AUP $769 USD
Enterprise v10 - - $399 USD
Premium v9 and earlier - - $933 USD or AUP

How To Upgrade

If you are upgrading your software, consider that MailEnable's normal office hours (9am - 5pm) are in GMT+10 and that any support queries arising from the upgrade will be resolved more responsively within these normal office hours.
  1. Download the version of MailEnable you wish to upgrade to, from the Download page.
  2. Install this version of MailEnable. See this article for information on how to install upgrades.
  3. Purchase an Upgrade License via Online Services. Select the Upgrades menu item to list your license keys and then click the "Upgrade" button next to a license you wish to upgrade.


  • Upgrade FAQ

    • If I upgrade, will the current mail accounts be affected?
    • No - in fact the configuration and message store are not affected when the upgrade occurs. For a Professional to Enterprise upgrade, the format of the settings/etc. are identical to the Professional release - it is just that Enterprise has additional features. The same applies to a Professional 1.x /2.x /3.x - Professional 4 upgrade and the Enterprise 1.x /2.x /3.x - Enterprise 4 upgrade.

      To upgrade you can simply install over the existing installation accepting the default values when running through the setup wizard. i.e. just click the Next button and leave everything as the default. This process is outlined in detail in Knowledge Base Article ME020040.
    • Once I install MailEnable version 10 over my existing 1.x-9.x, will all features be enabled?
    • Yes - When you install Version 10 over a registered earlier version (1.x, 2.x, etc.), the software will re-enter an evaluation state of the normal 60 day evaluation period. During this period, you can explore the new features (all features are enabled under evaluation). If you are running an earlier version in evaluation, the trial period is not extended.

      Should you wish to then license the new version, you can do so under the "Upgrade licenses" section of your Online Services account or by registering the product.
    • Will there be a downtime while I upgrade?
    • The install process usually takes less than 5 minutes to install - but the server may need to be rebooted (depending on whether there are any system files that cannot be replaced by the MailEnable installation).
    • If I install Version 10 and after evaluating it, decide not to purchase, can I downgrade back to the previously installed version?
    • Yes, you can downgrade from Version 10 Enterprise or Professional Edition by following the instructions detailed in this Knowledge Base article ME020375.
    • Once I have the software installed, how can I obtain an updated license key for Version 10?
      1. You will need to login to Online Services using your account details emailed to you when you purchased MailEnable. Select the "Upgrades" menu item, which will list your current license keys. Beside the license key you will see a button named "Upgrade".
      2. Click the upgrade button and follow the prompts to upgrade your current license key.
      3. Once you have upgraded your license key, you can then use the Registration Wizard (under the MailEnable program group) to enter the updated key.
  • Annual Upgrade Protection FAQ

    • What happens when a new major version release is available while I have "upgrade protection"?
    • If your AUP is current, then you can upgrade to the newer version without any additional cost.
    • I have version 1/2/3 of MailEnable. Am I covered by AUP?
    • Annual Upgrade Protection is only available for versions 4 and later of MailEnable. Log into your Online Services account in order to check if any of your licenses are due a free upgrade.
    • How much does the annual upgrade protection fee cost?
    • The annual ongoing upgrade fee is approximately 40% of the full product purchase price.
    • What happens when if my upgrade protection lapses?
    • If your "upgrade protection" entitlement expires, and you wish to upgrade your version of MailEnable to the subsequently released next major version, then you will need to purchase an upgrade with a nominal discount (of around 20% off).
    • How does MailEnable's new upgrade protection program vary from its former policy?
    • MailEnable's upgrade protection is an extension to its existing policy. The old discounted policy on upgrades is still available.
    • Are upgrade protection renewals available from Resellers?
    • Yes. You are able to purchase renewals for this via a MailEnable reseller. A list of MailEnable resellers can be found under the resellers section of the MailEnable Web Site.