MailEnable 3.5 Features

What's New in MailEnable 3.5?

MailEnable Professional and Enterprise 3.5 are are now available for download from the MailEnable download page. With a huge array of new features and functionality you can provide a leading edge product to your users, while reducing maintenance and bandwidth costs.

New features include: 

   MailEnable Sync Utility for Outlook (Enterprise Only)  
The MailEnable Sync Utility makes it easy to keep information updated between Microsoft Outlook and MailEnable. Calendars, contacts and the new 'tasks' feature can be added in either web mail or Microsoft Outlook and synchronized.

   New AJAX web mail  
The sleek new AJAX interface makes web mail more responsive and easier to use. With drag and drop functionality, auto-complete for addresses, list scrolling, slideshow viewer for attached images, address groups, right click menu options, add appointments direct to calendar from invitations, 'load-on demand' tree view for folders, read receipts, tasks, reminders, quick summary view for mailbox status, and heaps more. Try the new web mail demo...  

   Share and collaboration tools (Enterprise Only)
MailEnable provides the collaboration tool to simplify management of appointments, contact details and multiple mailboxes. Share calendars, folders and contacts with other web mail users. Adding calendar events and sending invitations to users is quick and easy. Track attendee responses, notify them of changed appointment times and view free/busy times. Users can now add edit and update global contacts from within the web mail interface. Calendar, mailbox, contact information can all be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.

   Eliminate spam  
A combination of anti-spam features greatly improves MailEnable’s ability to correctly detect and reject junk mail. This reduces false positives and greater user control over spam detection and removal. 

Outbound whitelisting reduces false positives in spam detection. When sending e-mails to a remote party, the IP address of that party is added to the outbound whitelist – meaning any future mail received from that IP address will be accepted by MailEnable. The whitelisting feature is also available within MailEnable filter scripts.

SMTP Greylisting reduces spam by denying email from unknown IP addresses with a temporary error. Subsequent send attempts will then be accepted according to greylisting rules.

MailEnable gives greater control to users over spam detection and removal. Spam tolerance levels (high/medium/low) can be set individually by users. Users can then configure the actions to take when messages meet their ‘spam’ criteria. Users can mark messages as spam and once the threshold of spam from one IP address is reached, the IP address is blocked.

   Statistics reporting (Enterprise Only)
A new reporting module provides detailed statistics on all mail services (POP, SMTP, IMAP) and the MTA. Over 80 different reports can be generated and ranked by user, post office or for the whole system.  Information can be tabulated on data sent, data received, data total, messages sent, messages received, user log-ins and client connections.  

   Greater customization (Enterprise Only)  
There are now even more options for customization and configurability.  Customize list responses on a per list basis - use a custom message for the subscribe and the unsubscribe notifications, create filters at a post office level and customize non-delivery response messages. 

   More features for Professional Edition
Professional Edition now includes functionality previously only available in Enterprise Edition.  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support for SMTP, POP and IMAP Protocols allows mail clients to connect to the server securely by ensuring that mail communications between the mail client and MailEnable are encrypted. 

The same folder indexing mechanism that is available in Enterprise Edition is now included in Professional Edition. This drastically improves the responsiveness of Professional Edition's web mail. It also significantly reduces the load on the server resources.

Also included - a number of enhancements to the web mail interface including; personal calendaring - which can maintain a personal diary of appointments, as well as create meetings and invite others to attend with an email notification to be sent to each person; tasks; contact groups; "Save as Draft" option and importing of contacts from Outlook/Outlook Express.

   Web administration enhancements
Web administration has a new look and improved usability - including a brand new web administration skin, list scrolling and column order sorting. 

User-friendly web mail
Outlook synchronization

Share and collaborate

Statistics reporting
Version 3 feature availability for MailEnable Professional and Enterprise Edition
Professional 3.5
Enterprise 3.5
MailEnable Sync Utility for Microsoft Outlook
  Synchronize contacts


  Synchronize events -
  Synchronize tasks -
AJAX web mail
  Drag & drop messages into folders
  Virtual message lists that don't require outdated page selection
  Auto-complete for addressing
  Keyboard shortcuts
  Load on demand AJAX tree view on left hand pane
  Right click items for actions (e.g. rename, mark as unread)
  Multi-select items in virtual list without changing pages
  Summary page outlining mailbox status
  Select the page that is displayed on log-in
  Task lists
  Mailbox, calendar and contact sharing -
  Enhanced public folder support
  Bottom and right side preview mode
  Appointment messages have their own icon for easy recognition
  View images attached to a message in a slideshow
  Download source of message
  Understands appointment requests and can add to your calendar
  Read receipts
  Contact groups
  Edit contact directory details from within web mail -
Spam protection
  Outbound whitelisting
  Greylisting enabled on a per postoffice/mailbox level
  Custom spam tolerance levels for users (high/medium/low)
  Dynamic user reporting/blocking of spamming IP addresses
  'Mark as spam' web mail option
  Junk E-mail reports delivered to mailboxes -
Statistics reporting
  System total reports  -
  Reports by post office -
  Reports by user -
  Ranked reports by post office -
  Ranked reports by user -
Greater customisation and control
  Custom responses for lists configured at a list level
  Custom SMTP non delivery response messages
  Post office level filtering
  Restrict users to local domain -
Web administration
  New AJAX web interface
  Virtual list scrolling
  Sort columns
  Branding of web mail and web administration
Professional Edition inclusions (already available in Enterprise Edition 2.x)
  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  Folder indexing
  Personal calendar in web mail
  'Save as draft' option in web mail
  Import contacts from Outlook/Outlook Express into web mail
  Subfolder support

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