Introducing MailEnable Version 6

Updated Webmail

The MailEnable webmail client has been improved to provide a new fresh look with additional features that enhance the overall experience for a user accessing their mail.

A new skin called Oceano has been added to complement the existing Mondo skin. This skin is better suited for low bandwidth connections, providing a passive blue backdrop.

Version 6 webmail also includes a handful of new features and an array of improvements, particularly for mobile devices such as the iPhone/iPad.
MailEnable Webmail - Enterprise Edition
Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable

Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable

ActiveSync provides the highest level of integration for the latest mobile devices including iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7. It is also available on most other mobile platforms.

ActiveSync is able to negotiate changes and updates protocol uses a technology that is often referred to as "Push". The "push" technology means that changes made on the mobile device are synchronized with the MailEnable server (and vice-versa) without requiring polling.

ActiveSync is also a very efficient protocol and minimizes the amount of data that is sent over the mobile network.

Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable is licensed per mailbox per annum.

Learn more about Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable

Cloud Storage (WebDAV Support)

It is now possible to use MailEnable as a cloud storage provider. Mailbox owners are able to access their "My Files" folder as a network drive over the WebDAV protocol. Mailbox owners can store photos and documents from their computer or phone (using products like NetDrive and other WebDAV clients). For example, a person can take a photo with their iPhone and immediately save it to MyFiles.
Cloud Storage (WebDAV Support)
Video: Inline YouTube Player

Inline YouTube Player

When users receive messages that contain YouTube video links, Webmail will detect these links, then automatically create selectable thumbnail previews. Users can then click on these thumbnail links, and play the video right there in the message body!

Webmail's embedded YouTube Player integrates full video control, including play, pause, adjust volume, view in fullscreen buttons.

MP3 Media Player

Webmail has been enhanced to allow interactive inline streaming of audio files (MP3's). Messages containing MP3 file attachments can now be previewed and streamed instantaneously within the Webmail client.

Users are also able to preview and stream MP3 files directly from their "My Files" storage folders.

The MP3 Media Player will stay appeared on an unobtrusive position in Webmail, to allow the user to multitask and continue doing other activities in Webmail whilst listening to MP3's, such as viewing/composing messages, create appointments, contacts, and tasks.

This feature requires the Adobe® Flash® Player for web browsers to be installed on the client machine.
Video: MP3 Media Player
Export Contacts

Export Contacts

Users can now export all their contacts as a CSV file (Outlook compatible format) with a simple click of a button. Extra contact fields are also supported for imports.

Send Contact as vCard Attachment

Users can now send a contact card from contacts in their Address Book.

A simple right-click on a contact allows the option to send the contact as a vCard. This will then open up the compose screen, and a new message will be created automatically containing the vCard as an attachment, and ready to be sent.
Send Contact as vCard Attachment
Video: Add Recipients as New Contacts

Add Recipients as New Contacts After Sending

Webmail now provides the ability to add new recipient contacts to their Address Book after sending a message.

When this option is enabled (via "Options>Mail"), Webmail will prompt the user whether to quickly add any recipient contacts that are not already in the Address Book as new contacts, after a message has been sent.

Users have the ability to specify which email addresses to add when sending messages to multiple recipients, and can also quickly input first/last names for these new contacts on the spot.

Force Spell Check Before Send

Webmail now has the ability to enforce spellchecking for every e-mail before it is sent.

When this option is enabled (via "Options>Mail"), the "Send" button on the message compose page will change to "Check Spelling".

Only when the spellchecking process has been completed, the user will then be able to send off the email.

Server administrators will also have the ability to force spell-checking for all mailboxes, via settings in the MailEnable administration program.
Video: Force Spell Check Before Send
MailEnable - Priority & Bulk Email Queues

Queue Prioritization

Messages that are sent out as bulk e-mail or are part of an e-mail campaign can now be assigned to a bulk mail queue. This means that bulk mail outs are less likely to impact on the delivery of regular e-mail.

Also, an administrator is able to designate users whose messages should be sent with Priority. Messages sent by these users are placed in a Priority queue so that they receive preferential treatment over other messages.

Integrated Global Footers/Disclaimers

System and Post Office Administrators are now able to add global or Post Office footers to messages as they are sent to external parties. Mailboxes which are administrators are able to configure this through Web Administration.
MailEnable - Footers/Disclaimers
MailEnable - Alerting & Monitoring

System Alerting & Monitoring

MailEnable now includes a monitoring agent that checks system health and can notify an email address of any problems that are detected, such as a large amount of email going through the system, or service failure.

Intelli Messaging Support (SMS Provider)

MailEnable now provides support for a third SMS gateway service provider, Intelli Messaging. Now there is more choice with provider, and with some simple entry of your account details within MailEnable you will be able to do email-to-SMS in no time.
New SMS Provider
IMAP Speed Improvements & Extensions

IMAP Speed/Bandwidth Improvements (UIDPLUS Extension Support)

MailEnable recently provided some significant speed and resource improvements to its IMAP and core messaging services. The IMAP service has received yet another boost in that it now supports the UIDPLUS extension. The UIDPLUS extension is available in many email clients and has recently been embraced in Outlook 2010 to boost its IMAP performance.

Feature Availability

The following table outlines the availability of Version 6 features in respective versions.

Webmail Features





Speed/Bandwidth Improvements        
Inline YouTube Player (Thumbnails & Previews)        
MP3 Media Player (Stream MP3 Files)        
New Oceano Skin        
Add Recipients as New Contacts After Sending        
Export Contacts        
Send Contact as vCard Attachment        
Spell Check Before Send        
Force Spell Check for Postoffice        
Force Spell Check for Server        

Other Features

Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable *        
Integrated Global Footers/Disclaimers        
Cloud Storage (WebDAV Support)        
UIDPLUS Extension Support        
XCLIENT SMTP Extension        
Intelli Messaging Support (SMS Provider)        
Queue Prioritization        
System Alerting & Monitoring        
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* Exchange ActiveSync for MailEnable is licensed per mailbox per annum. Learn more about Exchange ActiveSync license