Introducing MailEnable Version 8.5

"Version 8.5 comes with a fresh new layout, designed to improve usability and to enhance the performance of the desktop web client by reducing its bandwidth usage significantly. Management is also simplified, with improved Autodiscover features and Mobile Web Adminstration. The feature set in both our entry level and high end products has also been improved."

New Webmail Features & Enhancements

Version 8.5 includes an updated version of the mobile web client which includes support for tasks and calendaring.

The Webmail client now supports fully indexed searching, and comes with a new modern text editor (TinyMCE). The Webmail client has also became device-aware, allowing Apple users to configure the inbuilt device mail and collaboration client features with a link. When an iPhone user attempts to access MailEnable Webmail, an icon is provided within the Webmail client to automatically configure the iPhone's mail, calendar, tasks and contacts capabilities.

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Standard Edition with IMAP Support

MailEnable Standard Edition now includes IMAP support. IMAP support was formerly available in Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions of MailEnable. IMAP allows messages and folders to be stored in the Cloud (on the MailEnable Server) rather than downloading messages onto the mail client or device. This means that mail messages can be shared across clients/devices and can be accessed remotely via Webmail. With IMAP support, MailEnable Standard Edition end users can now more easily access their server hosted email on mobile devices as well as with rich desktop email clients.

Fully Indexed Search

Webmail users now have the ability to search across their entire mailbox for messages, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes. This functionality is also available within the Mobile Webmail client. The powerful search engine returns results almost immediately.
MailEnable - Fully Indexed Search
MailEnable - Autodiscovery

Service Autodiscovery Management

Version 8 provides a simple Autodiscovery Configuration Manager, allowing you to configure the settings returned to devices when users attempt to set up new accounts.

Settings for autodiscovery can be configured on a per domain basis for an array of services including IMAP, POP, SMTP, CalDAV, CardDAV and ActiveSync.

This new feature means that end users will simply need to enter their email address and password on the device and the server and port settings will be automatically configured on the client.

Automated Account Creation on Apple Devices

MailEnable Version 8 also includes "one-click" configuration for Apple iOS devices. Setting up an iPhone account is now automated whether you are using Exchange ActiveSync or CalDAV/CardDAV/IMAP.

This feature means that mail users can now configure their iOS device with CalDAV/CardDAV/IMAP as a single service, simply by clicking on a link within Webmail or Mobile Webmail.

Administrators can also provide a link for Apple users to click on which will automatically configure their device.

Web Administration - Service Status

Enhanced Web Administration

A number of administrative features have now been added to Web Administration including reporting on System Messages, Diagnostic Reporting, and Service Log Files (allowing them to be downloaded in zipped format). System Administrators are now also able to manage MailEnable’s Windows Services via Web Administration. Administrators are also able to login to Web Administration and access the System Message Tracking which allows analysis of message delivery and routing.

Mobile Management & Administration

MailEnable Enterprise Premium now includes a Mobile Web Administration client.

The client automatically detects when a user connects with a mobile device and allows the user to access a simpler version of MailEnable's Web Administration.

This means that system administrators can review the health of their server and execute simple management tasks on their mobile devices.

Feature Availability

The following table outlines the availability of Version 8 features in respective editions.

Webmail Features





IMAP Support (new in Standard)        
TinyMCE HTML Editor in Webmail        
Autodiscovery Customisation        
Mobile Webmail Calendar & Tasks        
Updated Mobile Webmail (new in Professional)        
One Click Configuration for Apple Devices        
Fully Indexed Webmail Search        
Fully Indexed Mobile Webmail Search        
20 MAPI Clients (Premium has unlimited)        
Web Administration Log File Access        
Web Administration Service Access        
Web Administration Message Tracking        
Web Administration Diagnostic Report        
Web Administration System Messages        
New Mobile Web Administration        
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