Tools & Utilities Download - Diagnostic Resources

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File Split Utility

This utility allows you to split a large text file up. Useful on large log files.

MailEnable Message Tracking Utility

This utility allows you to trace a message as it passes through MailEnable. Is included in MailEnable installation.

MailEnable Tracker

Tracks MailEnable activity in by displaying the additions to the log files in real-time.

MailEnable Log Analysis Utility

This utility simplifies diagnosing errors in you MailEnable log files. The utility lists all the errors in the log files and provides corresponding information.

Reverse DNS Blacklisting Test Utility

This utility allows you to verify your Reverse DNS Blacklisting settings. You can type in the IP address of a potential spammer and determine whether they would be rejected by MailEnable's Reverse DNS Blacklisting feature.

Catchall Reporter & Remover

This utility gives a report on all the domains which have a catchall configured, and also displays whether they are redirected to remote addresses. Redirecting catchalls to remote domains can mean you are relaying a lot of spam, and should not be done.

SMTP Queue Overview Utility

This utility gives a report on the destination and status of items in the SMTP Outgoing message queue.

Redirection Query Utility

If you allow your users to redirect mail to remote mail services, then it is possible that these mail services may block mail from your server if Spam is also being redirected. The MailEnable diagnostic report will report which domains have refused mail (as the messages will remain in the SMTP outbound queue until they expire). This utility gives a report on which mailboxes are redirecting mail to remote mail domains.