Case Study - E-Insites

E-Insites is a full service Web Hosting Company, established in 1996, offering virtual, reseller and dedicated hosting solutions. The company hosts over 12,000 web sites in 40 different countries on a multi-homed network. E-Insites have developed a reputation as a top tier web host.


E-Insites were faced with the problem of needing to replace their legacy mail server platform with an alternate solution. The pre-existing mail server was not scaling with their business growth, and was difficult to integrate into their custom developed hosting solution. They wanted to
move away from a user based licensing model, as this would become increasingly expensive as the business expanded.

Moving forward, they could see that they required a product that could scale as they did, and would provide the developer tools required to provide easy management of their many thousands of customers.


E-Insites chose MailEnable as the preferred Windows mail solution for a number of reasons.

MailEnable provided a low cost solution, allowing for unlimited users and licensed on a per server basis. It had the capacity to host several thousand users and domains, providing web mail, IMAP and anti-virus scanning, still requiring only minimal hardware. The ability to cluster servers and store configuration data in an SQL database provided the scalability that E-Insites required in order to expand their mail services and grow with their customer base.

The MailEnable API and developer tools facilitated easy integration between MailEnable and E-Insites' hosting control panel software, CWIPanel. The integration of MailEnable and CWIPanel is an ideal match, as both products boast an unlimited domain licensing policy.

Alvin Slocombe, Managing Director from E-Insites says "MailEnable offers the flexibility and stability that we need in a dedicated hosting environment. Since our initial adoption of MailEnable, our business has grown and we believe that we made the right choice for our messaging platform. In particular, the unlimited user licensing and straight-forward administration provides a simple and affordable solution for the hosting market. We have server clusters running thousands of domains and MailEnable accommodates this load easily."

Technical Configuartion

E-Insites host an array of different server configurations with MailEnable. Their MailEnable configurations range from 3 way clusters to individual dedicated servers.

An example server configuration is listed below:



  • Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz Intel Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 7200 RPM IDE Drives
  • MailEnable Enterprise Edition (Webmail, IMAP, POP, SMTP, Anti-virus, etc)
Operating Capacity
  • Approx. 2000 Domains

As seen in the above example configuration, each dedicated server typically hosts thousands of domains. MailEnable, in conjunction with CWIPanel, makes this very easy to manage.


E-Insites are currently in the process of building another cluster of MailEnable servers to consolidate some of their individual dedicated servers.

By consolidating these individual servers, administration is considerably reduced. Multiple mail servers can be managed from a single server - MailEnable provides remote administration capabilities that allow for centralised management of servers and server clusters.


  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Scalable solution
  • Increased efficiency
  • Easy integration with existing systems

More Information

MailEnable provides a powerful, scalable, hosted messaging platform for Microsoft Windows. MailEnable offers stability, unsurpassed flexibility and an extensive feature set allowing you to provide cost-effective mail services. For more information on MailEnable in a hosting environment, please visit:

E-Insites is a full service web hosting company that has been hosting sites since 1997. With sites from 40 countries, a multi-homed network and personable, dependable customer support, e-Insites have built a reputation as a top tier web host.

CWIPanel has a wide array of features that are seamlessly built in for the website user, resellers and the administrator.