Webmail User Guide
Account Settings
Options > General > Account Settings

Field Explanation
Display Name

This name is delivered along with the email address, sometimes a nickname or abbreviated name is used.

Default Address

If there are many accounts configured for a mailbox, one mailbox address can be set to be the default sender address.  This default address will appear in the From address when a new message is composed.

Startup page The startup page is the page which is displayed when you first login to web mail.
Preview Pane Orientation This sets the orientation of the preview pane used for previewing messages.

Move Deleted Messages to Deleted Items Folder

Enables any deleted messages to be copied to the Deleted items folder before deletion.

Clear Deleted Items on Log Out

Permanently deletes the messages in the Deleted items folder when the mailbox logs off.

Compose and view messages in a new window.

This setting will opens a new window for every new email and message view.

Automatically insert meeting requests into my calendar If this box is checked, any appointments created which list you as an attendee will automatically be added to your calendar.