Webmail User Guide
Auto Response
Options > Mail > Auto Response

Auto response is a function that automatically replies to any email address that sends an email to a user.  Often used when a staff member goes on holidays, this utility can write an auto-response message letting everyone who sends mail to the person on holidays that he/she is away. 

To enable, place a tick into the Auto Response Enabled check box by clicking the left mouse button on the check box.  To disable the function a removal of the tick from the Auto Response Check box will ensure the Auto Response is no longer generated.




It is simply then a requirement to type in the subject of the message by replacing “[AUTORESPONSE] – Automatic Mailbox Response” or leave for the default then enter the body of text that is required to be sent automatically to the sender. 

Message Contents

The text is entered into the text box shown below under the Subject text box.  Once the text is entered a left button click of the mouse on the Update button will confirm the Auto Response. 

Ony send responses between these times You have the option to only have the autoresponder reply to emails between two dates and times. For example you may wish to configure the autoresponder to cover a holiday period while you are away.