Webmail User Guide

MailEnable Enterprise Edition incorporates a calendar feature that allows users to schedule appointments. This calendar can be used to navigate between days, weeks, months or years so that a user can view scheduled appointments.

Navigating between days, weeks, months and years

  1. In the calendar view use the tabs on top of the calendar to navigate between days, weeks, months and years

Creating an appointment

  1. Click on the Add new Appointment button to open the appointment editing window.
  2. Please refer to the tables below for information about the various appointment detail entries.
  3. Once you have specified all the relevant appointment details click Save

Quick Appointment Creation using Calendar Timeslot

  1. Click within the time slot when the appointment should begin and hold and drag drag the left mouse button down to the time slot when the appointment is to end.
  2. Within the appointment details bubble specify a description and  location and then click the Add new appointment link to insert the new appointment within the relevant time slots.
Tip: Appointments can also be created by clicking on the times in the times column.

Editing an existing Appointment

Once an appointment has been created, it can also be edited if there is any additional information to be added or to make changes to appointment times. Click on the scheduled appointment window to edit it.

  1. Locate the appointment within the calendar timeslot and click on the appointment description link to open the appointment editing window
  2. Make the relevant changes to the appointment.
  3. Click Save
Note: If an appointment is created and there were no attendees in the original appointment, you are not able to add any attendees in the appointment editing screen.

Appointment editing General Tab




This setting is used to select the address of the individual who created the appointment or who is hosting the appointment. Use the drop down menu to select a different contact.


This text box is used to give the appointment an appropriate name. This description is used in the scheduled time slots.


This text box is used to input peoples email addresses that will be attending the appointment. (Please note that when an attendee is specified in the attendee’s text box, an email notification can optionally be sent to each of the attendees.) To quickly choose attendees, click the Edit button and select attendees from the contacts window.

Attendee Options

Next to the Attendee field there are two additional buttons (rollover their icons to see the tooltip information that indicates their function):

  • Show Free/Busy Times: this button will open a new window with a timeline showing the times marked as free and busy for the appointment's attendees.
  • Check availability: this will check the appointment's timeslot against the schedules of all attendees and report any conflicts (i.e., this will indicate whether any attendees are busy during the time of this appointment).


Set the appointment date.

Start and Finish Time

These two drop down menus are used to set the start and finish time for the appointment.


This is where you input the location of the appointment e.g. Board Room

All day event If ticked, this indicates that the event will take up the entire day
Sensitivity A sensitivity rating for this appointment

If ticked, a reminder about the appointment will be given. The amount of time prior to the event that the reminder is given can be selected.

Show Time As How the time taken up by this should be labelled on calendar.
Send an email to each attendee If ticked, an email with details of the appointment will be sent to each attendee listed.
Recurring Tick this if the event recurs at regular intervals. Details about when and how often it recurs can be set in the Recurrence tab.


This section is used to include any additional information regarding the appointment.

Attendee Status

If the appointment has been created and attendees have received a confirmation note regarding the appointment the status will be confirmed. To once again save changes made to the existing appointment you click the Update button. To delete an existing appointment you click the Delete button, and it takes you back to the Calendar page.

Appointment editing Recurrence Tab

Field Explanation
Reoccurance checkboxes Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. Used to set the time the reoccurance of the appointment should occur
Start: Used to set the start date of the reoccuring appointment
End: Used to set an end date or after total number of days

Appointment editing lower toolbar options




Saves to appointment


Deletes the appointment


Closes the appointment editing window and returns to the calendar view

Free busy calendar

Field Explanation
Previous / Next arrows Used to navigate within the free busy calendar months. When previous or next is selected it automatically will adjust the other 2 months below by one month back or ahead.
Today Used to go back to the present date in the calendar
Shared Calendars: Used to select and display shared calendars that have been connected