Webmail User Guide
Options > Mail > Compose

Compose section allows the user to select two types of message composing editors: HTML or Plain Text.  The Plain Text editor will only handle text emails (this can help reduce server load).  The HTML editor option will allow links, pictures and HTML encoding of the composed message.

How To Set The Message Composing Editor:

  1. Click on either the HTML or Plain text radio button for the Compose my messages in the following format: option.
  2. Click Save

How To Set Compulsory Spell Check before Sending:

  1. Tick the box for Spellcheck emails before sending
  2. Click Save
    Note: If the spell check tick box is greyed out then please consult with your administrator. If the spell check tickbox is not visible then the feature is unavailable in your webmail version.

How To Set Default Compose Editor's Font Size

  1. Enter the desired font-size (in pts) in the Editor Font Size input field.
  2. Click Save

How To Set Add New Contacts On Send

  1. Tick the box for Add new contacts on send. Please refer to Add new contacts on send for more information.
  2. Click Save