Webmail User Guide
Step 1 - Create a new message
Composing and sending messages > Step 1 - Create a new message

Composing a new message

  1. Select the New.. > Email Message option within the Folder Tree Toolbar or click on the New button within the Message List Toolbar.
  2. Start typing your message in the message body.

The only requirement for sending a message is at least one recipient in the To: entry box. The body of the message can be written in the large text box at the bottom of the screen as shown above. The table below describes the message fields in detail.





Once an email address is selected here it will be displayed in the ‘From’ address at the recipients address.  Some mailboxes will simply have one address, not allowing this to be changed.  If several mailboxes are linked to an account the ‘From’ address of the email can be changed by selecting the drop down arrow.


The To entry box is where a destination email address is entered. It is important that the address is correctly typed to ensure it reaches its destination.  You can select an email address(es) from your contacts list by clicking on the To..: link.

Note: web mail has an address auto-complete feature which will suggest addresses you may intend to enter into this box based on the contacts in your contact list and what you have typed so far

There is a To: button next to the To: field that is used to open the Address Book.


The CC entry box is similar to the To: text box, in that any email address entered here will receive the email message along with any attachments.  Cc: is an abbreviation of carbon copy and in business terms is usually equated to “For Your Inclusion” or “For Your Perusal”.

There is a Cc: button next to the To: field that is used to open the Address Book.


The BCC text box has the same functionality as the Cc: combo box and any address entered here will also receive a copy of the message.  The difference between the CC: and Bcc: is that any recipients of a message will not be aware of the recipients in the Bcc: address list.  Bcc: is an abbreviation of Blind Carbon Copy and when a person receives a message only the address in the To address list will be visible.

There is a Bcc: button next to the To: field that is used to open the Address Book.


The subject text box is where a short description of what the message to be sent is about or what it contains.


The attachments text box simply displays what attachments are associated or are attached to the message.  After clicking the attachments, a further screen will appear where you can browse your computer in a Windows Explorer window for files to attach (one at a time).



When creating emails in HTML it is possible to drag and drop images into your message. These images will be converted to attachments when sent.