Webmail User Guide
Options > Login > Login

Login allows you to change your password.




The mailbox name for the currently logged in account.

Current Password

The current password text box field is required to change the password. To change the password, enter the current password in this text box.

New Password

Type the new password into this text box ensuring it is a secure password (i.e. not easy to guess, should include letters and numbers).

Confirm New Password

Type the new password into this text box to confirm that the correct password has been entered and no typing errors exist.

Password strength Indicates the password complexity based on the password policies. Please consult with your administrator for password policy information.

Save Button

Once the old and new password text boxes have been entered, select the Update button. To confirm the password change, a subsequent message will be displayed. 


Two-factor authentication allows you to protection your webmail login by either requiring an authenticator (TOTP) client application to be used, or via an emailed code. This option may not be available.




Never prompt disables the two factor challenge.

Prompt Always will always require the webmail login to use two factor authentication.

Prompt for New IP Address will require two factor authentication if the IP address of the client has changed since last login.

Prompt for New Country will require two factor authentication if the IP address is detected as being from a different country than the last login.


Google Authenticator (or other TOTP client) allows you to use a TOTP client to generate a code that is required as well as the username and password on the login page. You can download the Google authenticator from your mobile device app store and use the QR code displayed to configure it.

SMTP Address will email a code to another email address when a login is attempted. The code has to be entered in order to continue.


When the SMTP address challenge option is selected, the email address of another valid address is required.

If you no longer have a client authenticator which is linked to your mailbox, you are prevented from being able to log into webmail. In order to resolve this you will need to contact the system administrator.