Webmail User Guide
POP Retrieval
Options > Advanced > POP Retrieval

The POP Retrieval service will download mail via POP from a remote POP server and deliver to the one mailbox. Messages that are downloaded via the POP retrieval service will be placed within the mailboxes inbox folder. Multiple POP retrieval mail accounts can be configured to retrieve messages into this one central mailbox. 

How to add a Pop Retrieval account

  1. Click on the Add Account button to open the account properties window.
  2. Specify the mail servers (hostname) address, port number and the Username and Password for the remote POP account. If you configure the account to use port 995, the POP Retrieval service will attempt to download the messages using SSL.
  3. Set the relevant options for the account. (Please refer to table below for information about each option).
  4. Click Ok to save the account.                                                         
Note: If unsure of any following settings contact the IT department or Administrator of your account



APOP Authentication

Enable this setting if the server that the mail is stored on uses APOP Authentication.

Download new messages only

Enabling this setting will keep track of messages that have been downloaded from the remote server, and will not download a message twice.


If enabled the email will be retrieved from the remote server.

Editing a POP retrieval account

  1. To edit the POP Retrieval accounts settings click on the Edit button next to the account within the POP retrieval accounts list.
  2. Make any necessary adjustments.
  3. Click Ok to save.

Deleting a POP retrieval account

  1. Locate the account within the POP Retrieval accounts list and click on the Remove button to remove the account.