Webmail User Guide
Password Recovery
Options > General > Password Recovery

Password Recovery feature allows gives users a way to reset their password in case they forget it. This is done by answering correctly two questions to which only they know the answer, causing a new password to be generated and either displayed on screen or emailed to a different account. This feature must be enabled and configured beforehand. To avoid continual attempts by people to guess the answers to the secret questions, after three incorrect answers the forgotten password feature is disabled for the mailbox and has to be reset by an administrator.


  1. Tick the Enable Password Recovery box to enable the option.
  2. Type in Secret Question 1 and answer.
  3. Type in Secret Question 2 and answer.
  4. Select the option to either Display new password on screen or to Send new password to alternate address and specify an email address. It is more secure to have the server send the new password to an alternate address.
  5. Click Save