Webmail User Guide
Searching Messages
Searching Messages > Searching Messages

Search the message list for messages that contain specific words OR sentences (enclosed in double quotes, e.g. “this is a test message”). The search can be done on the From field, Subject or the actual Body (message content). The criteria for the search can be selected by using the drop down menu next to the search button. 

The result of the search will be a new list of messages that contains those words/sentences. The list of matching messages can be navigated through as if it were a list of messages from either the Inbox or other folders.

When doing a word search, the search words must be separated by spaces. The results list will contain any message that has any of those words in the specified search field (i.e. ‘From’, ‘Subject’ or Body).

When doing a hard search (i.e. searching for whole sentences), the search string must be enclosed inside double quotes. The search will only return a list of messages that contain that entire sentence (enclosed in double quotes).