Webmail User Guide
Step 5 - Sending the message
Composing and sending messages > Step 5 - Sending the message

After completing steps 1 - 4 for Composing and sending messages the message is now ready to be sent. Within the compose message toolbar there are various sending options that can be set to specify importance level and to request a read receipt from the recipient of the sent message.

There are email sending or delivery options displayed after the compose or reply button has been pressed.  The options are outlined in the table below.




When you are ready for an email to be sent, click on the send button and the email will be delivered.

Check Spelling

Performs a compulsory spell check before being able to send the message. The send button will not be available until the message has been spell checked. If the compulsory Check Spelling is not available then please review Options > Compose


Clears all that has been created and returns back to the Inbox. There is no way to return to message you were working on so exercise caution when using the Cancel button.

Save as Draft

Will save the message as a draft message. A message saved as a draft can be found in the Drafts folder. Messages can be saved so they can be completed and sent later.


Allows the user to enter the attachment screen and enable addition and deletion of attachments. 


Message Priority:

This is where a message priority tag can be set. This setting is displayed to a recipient and allows them to see the priority you have assigned to the email.  Priority settings are High, Medium and Low.

Notify me when message is read:

An email will be auto replied when a recipient reads the message.  Please note that the recipient is able to prevent this from happening, if they have their client verify whether to send notification.