MailEnable Features - List Server

MailEnable contains a list server that enables people to subscribe and unsubscribe to a list. A list is an online discussion group or information mail out, where emails are sent out to all the members. People are able to post to the list, and the server will duplicate their email and send it out to all the members.

The List Server allows you to manage your own subscription based distribution lists. Interested parties can subscribe to lists based on interest areas either as a moderated or unmoderated list.

The MailEnable List Server features are:

  • Manage/create multiple lists
  • Moderated and unmoderated lists
  • Add headers and footers to messages
  • Restrict posts to subscribers, or password protect them
  • Configure replies to go to list or original poster
  • Ability to disable a list
  • List "Help" commands for users
  • Posting and subscription permissions options for list server (i.e. anyone/subscribers/password protected)
  • Import list members from text file
  • Configure a subject prefix for the list
  • Activity logging

List Server





Add header text to emails        
Add footer text to emails        
Reply to List        
Force poster to be a member        
Disable a list        
Password protect list        
List 'Help' commands for users        
Activity logging        
List-unsubscribe header support        
Prefix email subjects        
Import addresses from a text file        
Configure list Reply To address        
Email subscriptions can require confirmation        
HTML headers and footers        
Track send results and view in Web Administration        
Use datasource and SQL query to email addresses        
Custom subscription notification message        
Custom unsubscription notification message        

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