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by girar
Thu Aug 08, 2002 6:26 am
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Support for PHP in next versions
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Support for PHP in next versions

I know that the webmail works with ASP but maybe in next versión of the software (2.0?) would be interesting add the posiblity of PHP. So we can choose. :idea:
by girar
Sun Jul 07, 2002 6:08 pm
Forum: MailEnable Standard Edition
Topic: problem width php?
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problem width php?

First of all thanks for this great product!. My problem is that i have installed Php-Nuke and this portal sends e-mails to the people who wants to register but it only work with local addresses, not with others. I read somewhere that Mailenable doesn't work with PHP but i don't understand why works ...
by girar
Tue Jun 18, 2002 6:59 am
Forum: General
Topic: MailEnable... It's A Good Thing.
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yes it's a very good program. For me it is the first that i tried and everyday i see how lucky i was when i found this link. If the price of the enterprise versión is reasonable i'm considering to buy it.