MailEnable 5.5 Released

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MailEnable 5.5 Released

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MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce the release of MailEnable version 5.5 updates for all current products. These updates include various fixes and improvements.

Some of the changes and fixes for this update include:

ADD: Significant speed and resource improvements to underlying message store indexing engine (faster webmail/IMAP/message throughput, etc.)
ADD: Six new configurable password policy options
ADD: Users editing passwords in webmail and webadmin get indication of password strength
ADD: Ability to check for weak existing passwords through administration program
ADD: Migration utility now supports migrating via SSL
ADD: Mailbox index.xml files are now automatically backed up every 12 hours (and are automatically recovered if corruption occurs - e.g.: power failure/etc.).
ADD: Ability to download contact as VCF from webmail
IMP: CardDAV now generates notifications to connected Outlook Connector clients
IMP: Improved webmail client layout and graphics
IMP: SyncML verified with Synthesis and current versions of Funambol
FIX: Blank indexes that are empty would generate a corruption message in the Windows Event Log
FIX: MAPI/IMAP EXPUNGE commands performed concurrently could cause message files to be saved into special folders within the same mailbox
FIX: Webmail client may require refresh to unlock UI after sending messages with new Firefox release
FIX: Event log may contain erroneous warnings indicating Access Denied
FIX: Mailbox contention could lead to postoffice connector queues blocking
FIX: Removing mailboxes in administration was not removing mapped emails from groups
FIX: Printing emails from drafts folder in webmail could produce error
FIX: Various webmail issues performing functions on shared folders
FIX: Some IE9 compatibility issues with webmail
FIX: Mouse scroll wheel was not scrolling message list in webmail for some browsers
FIX: Postoffice connector could fail when checking whether address has been autoresponded to
FIX: Postoffice and mailbox quotas may misreport usage on large mailboxes
FIX: SyncML may fail/when a mailbox synchronization is performed concurrently
FIX: Improved stability of IMAP, HTTPMail and Postoffice connector by better handling and reporting of system errors/problems

Downloads can be found at

If you have not yet upgraded to version 5 from an earlier version, you can find trial versions on our web site and upgrade information can be found at