MailEnable Version 8.55 - Released

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MailEnable Version 8.55 - Released

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MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce the release of MailEnable version 8.55 (Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium).

Version 8.55 includes some significant feature additions, improvements and fixes.
In particular, mail users are now able to review client configuration settings under the Options menu within WebMail.
This feature is provided to simplify the process of configuring user devices.

The update also includes the following additions/changes (for a comprehensive list please review the release notes):
  • ADD: Connection settings for Mail Protocols/Services are now shown under WebMail Options menu (they are either detected or can be configured on a Domain basis).
    ADD: Added client IP, authenticating user, and authentication status in the queued Message Details window within the MMC Admin.
    ADD: Added Block IP to the MMC Admin queued Message Details screen (so you can block the client IP address from connecting to the SMTP service)
    ADD: Added Disable Mailbox from the queued Message Details screen (an administrator can disable a mailbox directly from the Message Details screen)
    ADD: Added View Send History (so an administrator can view the send history from within the queued Message Details screen)
    ADD: Added ability to disable Basic authentication for Synchronisation Protocols
    ADD: Added Digest authentication for all Synchronisation Protocols (specifically for CalDAV/CardDAV since Apple devices with current OSX releases require it)
    ADD: Header and Footer Management is now available under WebAdmin
    IMP: Added additional authentication credential caching to significantly improve the responsiveness of authenticating users
    IMP: Improved handing of Ping Collisions to reduce bandwidth when using ActiveSync with Outlook 2013
    FIX: When sending a meeting request to a mailbox which is synced via EAS in Outlook 2013, the meeting request is synced as a message rather th a meeting request.
    FIX: Contact photos may not render when downloaded via clients requesting VCARD Version 3 (CardDAV on OSX)
    FIX: ActiveSync may not clear all device settings/state configuration when device is reconfigured (potentially causing duplicates in Microsoft Outlook/EAS)
    FIX: Photo encoding for CardDAV where VCard boundaries may not be converted property from Version 2.1 to Version 3.0 (and vice versa)
    FIX: VCF files directly copied to Contacts folder would not display if the .VCF extension was in lower case
    FIX: Blank E-mail messages with only an attachment would not save to Drafts Folder
    FIX: ActiveSync would not use Mailbox TimeZone setting as the default when viewing Free and Busy times of All Day Events
    FIX: Updating the status via a scheduling response in WebMail would not always be able to locate the original message (in cases where the Appointment UID was wrapped)
    FIX: MTA may raise a null pointer exception if connecting client IP address was not populated (by third party connectors or filter actions)
Downloads can be found at

If you have not yet upgraded to version 8.X from an earlier version, you can find trial versions on our web site and upgrade information can be found at
Regards, Andrew