MailEnable 10.15 Now Available

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MailEnable 10.15 Now Available

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MailEnable 10.15 is now available from our download page:

This update adds a number of XMPP enhancements, allowing you to use a greater variety of chat clients, and more features within those clients. There is also a variety of fixes and improvements, so this is a recommended upgrade. Feel free to submit any problems or suggestions at the URL below. If you need a support person to attend to your issue though, please use our support form.

Changes (some may not apply to your version):
  • ADD: Can now delete all emails in queues for a specific account using admin program
    ADD: Chat - Roster's can now be defined at a postoffice level (as personal or mailbox list)
    ADD: Chat - XMPP now prefers later TLS versions for improved security and to avoid packet fragmentation issues with some clients (TLS Version)
    ADD: Chat - Synchronize conversations at other locations (XEP-0280)
    ADD: Chat - Allow entities to query time information (XEP-0202)
    ADD: Chat - Can now enable enhanced stream management (XEP-0198)
    ADD: Chat - Can now enable Client State Indication (XEP-0352)
    ADD: Chat - Allow clients to access chat history/archive (XEP-0313)
    ADD: Chat - Enable Blocking Feature (XEP-0191)
    ADD: Chat - Enable PubSub Feature (XEP-0060)
    ADD: Chat - Enable PEP (XEP-0163)
    ADD: Chat - PEP Notify on Presence can be enabled or disabled
    ADD: Chat - Advertise OMEMO Support (XEP-0384)
    ADD: Chat - Roster Versioning (XEP-0327)
    IMP: Chat - If rosters exceed 100 items, postoffice users will be forced to use private rosters (Postoffice Roster Size Threshold)
    IMP: Improved service debug logging information
    IMP: ClamAV updated to 0.99.4
    FIX: SPF may incorrectly pass emails if they had two levels deep of includes
    FIX: ActiveSync keeps timezone name so syncing on another Outlook client shows correct name as well as correct timezone
    FIX: Web administration was showing checkbox for a couple of debug log level options
    FIX: Deleting action in postoffice level filter was not deleting it
    FIX: Syncing groups in CardDAV now works for email addresses without a contact item
    FIX: CardDAV was syncing on name in VCARD, where formatted name should have been used
    FIX: Webmail editor resizing fixed
    FIX: Webmail editor could reset focus as wrong times (i.e. on a resize of window)
    FIX: Emailing file from My Files in webmail when composing in new window would not show added file in Chrome unless window refreshed
    FIX: Viewing email with invite attachment in webmail would show invite details rather than use the message also attached
    FIX: Viewing tasks that were missing subjects would produce error in webmail
    FIX: Tasks created in ActiveSync would be set to important, rather than normal
    FIX: IMAP was not correctly showing folder name for folders ending in period character
    FIX: Webmail was not allowing you to unselect a shared calendar once it was selected, without logging in again
    FIX: IMAP may not time out on sending a full message if there was a timeout during send
    FIX: IMAP migrations weren't retrying on some failures
    FIX: IMAP migrations may leave migrated messages as unread if mailbox in use or no existing index
    FIX: IMAP migration will now attempt the same message twice if there is a timeout on downloading, then move to next message (Kerio reporting incorrect message size)
    FIX: DKIM test would fail if two CNAME lookups were required to get TXT record
    FIX: Abuse detection was not blocking if same password was being attempted on different mailboxes
    FIX: DKIM test would fail if an included header line was wrapped, but no header content on first line
    FIX: ActiveSync may not be able to return message content if it had not
    FIX: XMPP now retries and handles binding attempt failures on startup
    FIX: Webmail was not showing email preview on iOS