MailEnable 10.20 Now Available

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MailEnable 10.20 Now Available

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MailEnable version 10.20 for Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions is available for download from:

The following change list outlines changes in version 10.20:

ADD: Forwarding inline images in webmail now shows the image in the editor
ADD: Updated ClamAV to 0.100.02
ADD: Last login time shown on the mailbox properties page if the audit option is enabled
ADD: Webmail supports exceptions on recurring appointments
ADD: Can select an all day event on the calendar popup in webmail now, instead of just on the new appointment screen
FIX: Inline images improved to work as attachments in webmail to be more compatible with clients
FIX: Large text only emails were slow when passing through body checking filters
FIX: Redirection from mailbox (when remailing from mailbox) to a disabled mailbox could generate a loop
FIX: Emails sent from webmail may wrap incorrectly and appear to corrupt the text
FIX: Appointment cancellation emails in webmail may not appear with button to allow easy cancellation
FIX: Contacts added with CardDAV may get work address fields incorrect if some were empty
FIX: MAPI connector may not get all the data from a calendar event
FIX: Appointment cancellation emails in webmail may not show the cancellation button
FIX: Printing plain text email in webmail was showing error
FIX: Postoffice connector may not send email to junk folder if the email header was very large
FIX: Clients requesting certificate with SNI for non-IIS services would get default cert if length of SSL handshake was under 255 bytes
FIX: Emails sent from EAS may not be viewed on Apple devices correctly
FIX: Scripted filters could stop processing emails if there were script errors
FIX: New message arrival while composing in mobile webmail could send you back to message list
FIX: Message list may not show sender email address if no alias for address in mobile webmail
FIX: SPF "a" check was not checking IPv6 addresses