MailEnable 10.32 Now Available

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MailEnable 10.32 Now Available

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MailEnable version 10.32 for Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium Editions is available for download from:

The following change list outlines changes in version 10.32:

ADD: Postoffice authentication allows you to authenticate using LDAP
FIX: Some emails with mixed case content types were not being displayed in webmail correctly
FIX: IMAP performance improvements with index saving and SEARCH command
FIX: IMAP command continuation was not working on some commands
FIX: Importing a CAL file with large UNTIL date for recurrence was not working
FIX: NDR copies sent by SMTP would only work if copied address was local or in same domain as sender
FIX: SMTP PTR checks were timing out and being ignored
FIX: IMAP giving same EXISTS value in NOOP causes it to keep doing NOOP
FIX: Webmail would send blank emails if it was detecting some strings in the message body
FIX: SMTP service was logging NDR source incorrectly in one place if use inbound queue for NDR option is set
FIX: SMTP could lose message authentication status for outbound emails being delayed
FIX: Creating new folder under extended character set folder name in webmail was not showing the decoded folder name in dialog
FIX: IMAP RPC cluster notifications weren't working for some commands
FIX: Moving folders with non-ASCII characters in name with EAS was corrupting folder name
FIX: The timeout webmail page was not using sites logo
FIX: Mail service could crash if a postoffice was IP bound with an SSL certificate that was removed
FIX: Many underlying index changes