MailEnable 7, 2 minor issues.

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MailEnable 7, 2 minor issues.

Post by Stepto »

I just upgraded MailEnable Premium 6.73 to MailEnable 7 Beta 4. I'm very pleased with the changes and the upgrade process went pretty smoothly. (platform is Win2k8 R2 x64, 6 gigs of ram, quad core AMD Phenom II p960 processor) I have run into two minor issues:

"Report as Spam" in webmail is now terrifically slow in the inbox over 6.73. If you bulk select 3 or 4 messages it takes 30-40 seconds to process and for some reason CPU utilization spikes. Bulk selecting emails in the "Junk Email" folder works as expected and there is no slowdown. I should note that the inbox in question is pretty large (5k messages) but I'm not sure why reporting a couple of recently received mails as spam would be impacted by that from a CPU/speed perspective.

Second, I've installed JAM's Spamassassin in a box for Windows. I've tested it works using the spamc.exe test SA recommends you do, I have configured it under Extensions/Message filter to be enabled and I have clicked the "test" and it reports test succeeded. But both in the logs and in the real time monitor it doesn't show any SA activity. In the real time monitor SA Scans show as 0. How do I check for sure that SA is working alongside ME7?

All in all a pretty good upgrade guys. I've only just begun to bang on it though. Let me know if I can provide you more details.

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Re: MailEnable 7, 2 minor issues.

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Not to perform necroscopy but.
The SA Scans/Detections count is still broken in the release edition.

However to answer OP's question regarding "how do i know it's working"
I created a filter that was based upopn the single criteria of "Failing SpamAssassin"
For the action I appended the Subject Prefix of "[SPAM-AS] "
I also am forwarding it to a folder being used for ME Bayesian spam filter just to prove thatl the ME Bayesian Filter is absolutely and utterly worthbelss and gets 0% / that the AutoTraining does not work out of box.

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