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MAPI Free/Busy Appointment Scheduling Setup Doc

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:52 pm
by rmiller
I am looking for a specific set of instructions to setup the ability for users to see the free/busy times in the scheduling feature of MS Outlook. I see calendar sharing pictured/mentioned on under Sharing & Collaboration, however, there are no details on setting this up. I have had inconsistent success getting this to work on version older and newer than Outlook 2010. I finally have every user on the same version of the MAPI connector (1.63) and we are on the latest version of MailEnable Premium Server.

Are there a set of instructions for what I want? If so, where are they? Also, can MailEnable be used to setup of location resource, such as, a meeting/conference room? I want users to be able to simply invite the room they want to meet in and have it automatically accept the invitation and block off the time of the meeting.