Transmission Error

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Transmission Error

Post by Matth »

Since two days I have a problem on my PC when I try to receive mails in Outlook.

I keep getting the following error message:
Transmission Error

The connection to the server was interrupted while fetching new messages from the server.
Please click off and on the folder to ensure that the folder is updated from the server.
Selecting a different folder and going back does not help, a little later I get the same error message again. Sometimes a few mails are delivered, but there is a bunch of mails missing.

How to solve that?

Office Professional Plus 2016
Version 1904 (Build 11601.20178 Click-to-Run)

MAPI Connector 2.74

I tried to reset the folder, but that didn't help. Removing a bunch of older mails from the folder didn't improve the situation either.

What else can I try to get this working again?

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