counting number or Connector accounts

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counting number or Connector accounts

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Does anyone know how the number of Outlook Connectors are counted? We are using the Enterprise version limited to 20 accounts.

I assume, first of all, that a user can connect from several machines since people have laptops and desktops and mobile devices like tablets and phones. That would or should count as one user. Is this correct?

Also, I am assuming that if a user is set up using the connector and subsequently I delete that connection and setup the user up just using imap that I get back an connector account to use for someone else. Is this correct?


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Re: counting number or Connector accounts

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Under the "Messaging Manager" properties node navigate to the "Licensing" tab. It will report how many MAPI licenses are consumed and option to reclaim unused licenses. Screenshot below.

Please note that the MAPI Connector is a plugin only for Outlook desktop Windows machines. The licenses do not account for mobile devices etc.
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Ian Margarone
MailEnable Support

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