MailEnable Connector crashes Outlook

MailEnable's Connector for Microsoft Outlook provides a rich messaging and collaborative interface to MailEnable.
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MailEnable Connector crashes Outlook

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currently the MailEnableConnector 2.75 crashes my Outlook 2016 (64Bit).

The Visual Studio Debugger shows in the Call Stack
MAILENABLEMS32.DLL!00007ffa33b1945c() Unbekannt
MAILENABLEMS32.DLL!00007ffa33b9beee() Unbekannt
MAILENABLEMS32.DLL!00007ffa33ba03f2() Unbekannt

Do you have any hints for me ?

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Re: MailEnable Connector crashes Outlook

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Best way forward is to lodge a support ticket under "Upgrade" and provide a copy of the MAPI connector logging folder when the crash occurs. To enable logging please see: Set the logging to "Full Detail".

Ian Margarone
MailEnable Support

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