End of Life - Outlook COM-Add-Ins replacement

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End of Life - Outlook COM-Add-Ins replacement

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Microsoft has recently announced that the COM add-ins in the new Outlook versions will be disabled.
Is there already a replacement plugin from you or how the connection is implemented alternatively?


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Re: End of Life - Outlook COM-Add-Ins replacement

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The new Outlook for Windows is currently more a replacement for the Windows Mail and calendar apps, which did not have the COM add-ins, and does not support MAPI. There is no clear indication from Microsoft about when the classic Outlook for Windows will be replaced and COM/MAPI ability removed. It may be a while since it will not work with Exchange on prem servers, and is missing a large number of features. Since all email data will be proxied through Office 365, the features available to a 3rd party mail server would depend on what Microsofts back end will support - the current features of their plugin ability with the new Outlook does not yet allow us to sync mail items. We will need to wait and see what options we have.

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