EAS error config

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EAS error config

Postby walter.carro » Fri Nov 30, 2018 7:12 pm

Hi everyone.

I have a issue on my mailenable with autodiscover settings.

i have two service on my iis
Binding: --type: https --hostname: no --Port: 443 --Ip:
*MailEnable Protocols
Binding: --type: https --hostname: no --Port: 443 --Ip:

Webmail works with ssl perfectly on DefaulWebSite,but i cant conect with autodiscover on outlook 16.

Activesync works fine with Mailenable protocol on outlook 16, but i dont have webmail. "Unnsupported" is the error.

Anyone know why i can connect with "MailenableProtocol" but cant with "DefaulWebSite" if i have same configuration?

Config on iis is same
config on dns is same
config on mailenable is same
cert ssl (mydomain.com) is same.

If i install ++MeWebmail on *MailEnableProtocols works?

Any ideas or small help for this issue?

Thanks alot.


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