Initial Sync is slow

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Initial Sync is slow

Postby WimVM » Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:45 am


I upgraded to the latest version of ME professional and also activated ActiveSync. The setup is for a small local business that has only 3 PCs and currently one iPhone is attached. As they are using a recent version of Outlook and altready had MAPI sync issues several times, I also activated ActiveSync for the PCs. The server is on the same LAN. Nevertheless is goes very slow during the initial sync. Outlook is prompting in the tray "Waiting for server" and then seems to sync a few hunderd mails every 10-30 seconds. One very large mailbox (15 GB ~ 35000 items) is already syncing for a few hours. Is this normal behavior? Are there any tweeks required?

In addition I noticed that my test mails appear in the inbox messages pane on the server (admin console > mailbox > inbox messages), but they don't in webmail and on the iPhone. I was only after I tried mobile webmail that they started to appear. How can you explain this behavior? I would have thought that the inbox content in the admin console is the same as the webmail.

Thank you!

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