Exchange Active Sync - Autodiscover Error

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Exchange Active Sync - Autodiscover Error

Postby iitcoman » Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:51 am

We have an issue on connecting mobilephone devices to our exchange server for send/receive emails.

In MS Remote Connectivity Analysis test result it showed its attempting to connect our website instead of our network IP on where is OWA, ActiveSync, IMAPI, etcs are running and issue is in autodiscover is not resolving the Exchange Server IP.

It’s happening in both Android and iOS too. Earlier mobile devices are working fine and have no issue, but when we erase the setting in mobile and try to reconfigure we are facing the issue in autodiscover which is showing in the test report and its happening for all email accounts.

I have attached the test results and if you could tell how to change autodiscover direction from website to our network the issue is resolved.
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