Problems with autodiscover

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Problems with autodiscover

Post by sindrehi » Tue May 30, 2017 8:55 am


I hope someone can point out where my DNS configuration error is.
Our server has only 1 IP, and activesync is configured on server on
In DNS for I've added as a A record.

Autodiscover is then working for

But problem is when I'm adding activesync for other domains. Its working to setup if we manually configure to use in configuration (outlook). But I cant get autodiscover to work
For domain I added srv Weight = 0, Priority = 1, Port = 443 pointing to
And I added CNAME pointing to
And CNAME pointing to

Is the SRV record wrong?

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Pål Sindre Hiåsen

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Re: Problems with autodiscover

Post by MailEnable-Ian » Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:59 am


Autodiscover requires that the SSL certificate matches the domain name. Some devices will still pass autodiscover tests if the certificate does not match and prompt with trust warnings and therefore you may be able to get away with using the same certificate for you other domains. For a multi tenant environment, you will need to purchase a SAN certificate to cater for your other domains. Or you can purchase separate SSL certificates for each domain (probably more expensive).

Ian Margarone
MailEnable Support

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